Me-Made-May 2015

It is here, everyone, Me-Made-May 2015!  Did you notice?  My instagram feed is all abuzz with lovely articles of DIY, and homemade fashion.  So much inspiration, let me tell you.  I am a couple of days late with my declaration of Me-Made-May intent, but better late than never, right?

I, Erika of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear an item of handmade clothing each day of the month.  Exceptions will be made for days of yard work, and all day sporting activities.

So there you have it, I am gonna shoot for something Me-Made every single day.  Unfortunately, I have not made myself clothes that are appropriate for playing softball, for fishing, or for spending the day doing yard work in, so unless other outings happen on those days, there will be a couple of times during the month with nothing to show.  Still, I’m gonna do my best to get those hand-mades worn, and even to get a couple more added to the bunch.

So far, there was Friday the 1st, wearing the Birds of a Feather dress:

mmmay15 1st

Then, there was Saturday the 2nd, wearing the Springtime in Paris dress:

mmmay15 2nd

Today, the 3rd was spent at the park playing softball so I have nothing to show for it except for this picture from the dugout.


It was my first day of the year wearing shorts, and I even started the sunny outdoor season in a tank top (neither of which did I make).  I’m working on my summer tan early, I guess.  I am still a nice shade of white, thankfully, so no red… yet.

I will be keeping my Me-Made-May roundup posts to Mondays, so stop back on by next week for more outfit photos.  I was missing taking outfit photos, and it looks like I’ve got plenty of them that will be showing up in the weeks to come.  My tripod is back out in plain sight again.  Until next week, I will look forward to seeing what all you Me Made gals are wearing!

For a daily look at what I am wearing, you can follow me on Instagram, username: DMGIRL.


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