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I Had a Good Hair Day…

Saturday’s are my best hair days.  They are usually the only day I wash, blow dry, AND style my hair all in the same hour.  Since I was feeling particularly good about this usually not so good feature of mine, I thought I’d make the best of it […]

What I Wore to a Wedding

It’s been months since I’ve done an outfit post.  Months!?  In fact, I was looking back at my pictures and I think I have only taken pics for two outfits this whole year; we’re almost half way through this whole year.  What is up? I hate to sound […]

The Shoes Fit!

It’s not everyday I get excited about a pair of shoes, but these shoes are a pair to get excited about.  Number one reason, they fit!  It rarely happens that I find a pair that I like that fit.  I’m a little ole’ size 5, and all the […]

But First Let Me Take a Screenshot…

I screenshot more than I selfie.  Anyone else have this problem?  Wait, probably not a real problem.  But really, some people take way too many selfies; me, I take way too many screenshots.  I can’t help it.  Also, that selfie camera is awful!  I never look good when […]