Me Made May 2016 – Week Four

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It’s a very belated Me Made May post, I know.  I hardly had any time to myself last week, but I am happy to say it’s all mine now.  We had our final school event yesterday, and I can start putting the books away for the summer.


My last week wearing homemades was pretty uneventful.  I missed a couple of days due to all day yard work and things such as that, but I ended the month well.  I did much better last year, but I am not complaining.  Really, it isn’t too hard to wear the things that I have made myself.  I pretty much do on a regular, weekly basis any normal month.  Not everyday, of course, but probably two days a week find me wearing something of the handmade variety.

This challenge always gives me sewing goals, and my main one always is to make more basics, such as tops.  This year, I still want to step away from only making dresses and skirts, and add a top or two to my collection, but also, maybe some workout wear, and I’ve been wanting to make a swim suit for years.  Let’s see if this is the year it happens.

I may have a chance to add a top to my wardrobe today.  My original plan for the first week of the Monthly Stitch’s Indie pattern month didn’t pan out as I wanted it to, so if I can make something new to me today, I will have a new top in my immediate future.  I’m a little nervous about making the deadline.  It will be my first pdf pattern, and it’s the last day I have to make it to be eligible for the contest.  At least it’s a top, so it shouldn’t be too hard…. Shouldn’t be.  You all will know about it soon enough.

Thanks for following along.

2 Replies to “Me Made May 2016 – Week Four”

    1. Thanks, Zhenya! As the years go by of me making my own clothes, I find it harder and harder to buy these dresses that I could just make myself. It is a fun, and rewarding hobby for those of us who can’t seem to have enough dresses. 😉


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