The Last Five Photos on My Phone

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A good Monday morning to you all!  How was everybody’s weekend?  Who’s still enjoying their weekend?  I am happy to say that I am one of those still enjoying their weekend; it’s like a second Sunday today.  I always want there to be second Sundays, so I’m really happy today.

Since I didn’t do my weekly catch up post on Friday, and since I’ve had this post idea stored away for months now – thanks to the idea from a fellow blogger – I thought it’d be a great little way to see what I’ve been up to lately.  Full disclosure, I am not counting the photos on my phone that have to do with me made May.  Those are mostly transfers from my good camera so they technically aren’t iPhone photos anyway.

Now, my life lately, as seen from the last five photos in my camera roll:


Yesterday – It had been over two years, I think, since we have made the short drive to Dogwood Lake.  We had plans to fish, but a dead boat battery made our plans change.  It was a nice early morning though, that led to a nice productive day of yard work at home.  Hopefully today, as you all are reading this post, we will be on the lake trying again.


Friday – Yuki was enjoying her favorite afternoon sleeping spot after having her regular routine life be a little out of the ordinary.  She had been to the groomers and the cousins’ house for a spend the night trip both in the same day.  She was happy to be home, and it’s taken her a couple days to get over the whole ordeal.  I caught this pic of her trying to sleep, and thought she looked so funny.


Thursday – After dropping my guy off at the state capitol in Nashville for some work related dealings, I got to spend a long morning in a nice hotel room, followed by an early afternoon mall walking.  Specifically, I made my way to Macy’s and found the 75% sale racks.  All those dresses!  I was waiting for an empty fitting room and couldn’t help but take advantage of the bad-mirror selfie opportunity before me.  Also, I was thinking this pic might come in handy if my guy ended up spending the whole day downtown.  I could just send him this pic should he text me to ask what I was doing and how much of his money I was spending.  He got done at lunchtime, and luckily for him – disappointingly for me – not a single thing I tried on worked out.


Thursday – Well, maybe I shouldn’t have said not a single thing worked out.  This actually did work out, but it was one of the items I took into the dressing room that was regular price.  $79.50 is a little too much for me to spend on a regular ole summer dress.  But, it was a nice fit, and I was particularly fond of the style, so I took this picture to remind myself of a potential sewing pattern I might want to find.


Wednesday – After spending some time this morning walking through the vineyard, I ended up behind this tractor on my way home.  I often wonder if in my Mini, I’d be able to make it underneath one of these should I ever have to perform some type of Fear Factor like driving stunt.  I was close enough this day to know for sure, I won’t fit underneath.

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