I have been avoiding the inevitable with this wardrobe challenge: my failure.  It’s been a year, and guess what?  I did not wear everything on the dress side of my closet that I wanted to wear in a year’s time.  But you know what I did do?  I really did condense my dress collection.  I have gotten rid of many dresses, and I have several more in the to get rid pile as I write this.  Plus, I think there are at least a couple more hanging up that I know I will be getting rid of as well.  I guess I shouldn’t say it is a failure, because I actually did do what I set out to do this time last year:

If I made more of a conscious effort to wear all the dresses that I have in there, I could probably make lots of progress getting my wardrobe organized.

Doing this will no doubt help me to save some money, since I will be shopping my closet in a sense, leaving me with a little extra cash for those wish list items that occasionally make it up here on the blog.

This little (or maybe it is bigger than I think) challenge I am thinking of will also be just what I need to get more outfit photos up on the blog – weather, bad hair days, and breakouts not taken into account.

So this year I did get my closet more organized.  It’s not 100% yet but I don’t think it will be until I get a better shelving system in there.  I think I saved some money on dress purchases.  I know I have bought several, but every single one of them was at a super-low price and I was a lot more particular about what it was I did buy.  If I had any doubts to any of them, I did not bring them home with me regardless of the sale price.  I had some more outfit photos, yes, that is true.  Most all of them were in  round-up, multi-picture style posts, which was a little different from what I had originally intended.  See, I was thinking I could get some more artsy looking photos with better backgrounds in various locations like those other bloggers’ outfit photos that I see online.  (Think Forever Amber style; although, I probably could never be as stylish or have as great of pictures as she.)  My outfit photos will just be one thing for me to continue working on.

Now for the final dresses that I have worn for this outfit challenge.  I’ve got seven week’s worth of dresses and a bit of a photo overload, so I took advantage of WordPress’s gallery settings.  I don’t use this feature near enough.

I didn’t keep an actual count of what I got rid of, but it was at least more than ten.  I also found about three dresses that were in serious need of repair that couldn’t be worn as is, and I know how my mending pile looks: exactly the same as it did two years ago.  Then there were some older me-made long dresses that I really don’t like the look of anymore, but can definitely see them as skirts.  Again, just a few more to add to that mending pile.  I might need to make myself have a sewing month of mending.  Something to think about…

Thanks everyone for following along here and on Instagram.  I am keeping the hashtag alive.  #ErikaWearsHerCloset will still be showing up on Instagram every know and again.  I still have a few left that will get worn.  I have to say though that I am happy to going back to wearing some of my overly worn favorites.  🙂

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