A Shopping List of the Wearable Kind…

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Who keeps a shopping list?  I do.  Most the time I forget it at the house when I make my way to the grocery store, but I still keep one nonetheless.  How about a shopping list that doesn’t have eggs, creamer, and snacks on it?  I keep one of these too, but usually that one just stays in my head.  I like to think of it as my wishlist.  Most of the items on this wishlist don’t usually get purchased.  They are the things that would be nice to have if I didn’t have anything else that I needed to buy with my money, because presently, I think I really need to buy fabric and workout clothes.  But this mental wishlist is for you know, those things that will probably only get used once and then set aside, only to be forgotten about until next year when you remember that you did in fact buy that thing that you never use.  (I am thinking of you, salt free ice cream maker and juicer.  (I did actually buy the juicer, and can’t even remember the last time it got used.  I still have yet to purchase the ice cream maker.)

I recently started adding to my mental wishlist items that would be nice to wear.  A wearable wishlist, if you will.  I may not have many reasons to use those random things on that other wishlist, but when it comes to things that will get worn, I would get some use out of them for sure.

First on this list:

Tom's Black Suede Women's Desert Wedge bootie
Tom’s Black Suede Women’s Desert Wedge bootie

It was a big surprise that these caught my eye.  I love boots, but all the boots I really like are Doc’s.  I don’t usually stray off much from the Doc Marten style, but these got my attention.  I saw them on a recent Nashville trip to the outlet mall, and maybe would have come home with a pair had they any in my size.  I looked them up online when I got home and couldn’t believe that they do actually make them in my size.  They have made my list.

Next, a pair of sunglasses.  Maybe these would be more appropriate as a summer item, but I wear sunglasses year round and am in need of a newer pair.  My current trusty pair of Ray Bans have been around since 2006; I can’t even believe it!

Oakley Dispute
Oakley, Polarized Dispute

I don’t usually like the way Oakleys fit me, but on that same Nashville, mall browsing trip, we found ourselves inside the Oakley outlet.  I saw these and tried them on…  Not too bad!  If sunglasses weren’t usually a vacation purchase for us, I might have come home with a new pair that day.  It’s always easier to spend money on vacation; and since we have one that we are planning, these, that day, could wait.  But, they have also made my list.

Next on my list, a dress.  How could I not have a dress on here.  It’s from ModCloth, and it is the prettiest dress that I have seen in a while.

Floating on Aria dress from Modcloth
Floating on Aria dress from Modcloth

This showed up in my Pinterest feed a couple of weeks ago, and like many ModCloth dresses that show up in my Pinterest feed, I loved it!  I have bought a couple of things from ModCloth, but both items didn’t work out.  This might the the one that does…  It too is on my list, that is until another ModCloth dress comes along that I like even more.  Right now it’s gonna be hard to top this one.

And lastly for today because I couldn’t help but have a pair of Doc Marten’s in my wearable wish list, these:

Doc Marten's Carnaby, cherry canvas Mary Janes
Doc Marten’s Carnaby, cherry canvas Mary Janes

I have wanted these for a while now, but I just haven’t gotten around to getting them.  It’s hard to convince my guy that I really need another pair of these shoes.  Don’t you already have plenty?  Is usually his response to my shoe requests.  My currently most worn Doc’s are looking pretty bad these days though, so I may be closer to getting a pair than I think.  And they are canvas, I don’t have any canvas Doc Martens…

Well, enough of my wants.  What is everybody else fancying these days, of the wearable sort?

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