Oh, about three months ago, I was telling you all about my wearable shopping list.  Although, this shopping list was thought of more like a Wish List.  One of my loyal readers – Hi, Mom! – thought that she might make this wish list of mine come true – thanks again!  Obviously, when I wrote my list it was all in fun and I had no thoughts whatsoever of my items being added to my life any time soon.  They were just current wants that I was fine living without.  Well, over the last few months, thanks to my mom, my Wearable Shopping List has become a reality – oh, with the exception of those Docs.  I can’t find them in the color I want anywhere.

Today, I thought I would show you all my wish list fulfilled, in real life.  Let’s start with the boots.

Burgundy Wedge Booties

I mentioned before that I was kind of surprised to find myself really liking these wedge style booties that I keep seeing around.  What I ended up buying in real life was a little bit different from what I originally thought.  I went with a different color, and a different brand completely.  I found them online in one of those super, pre-Black Friday sales and I couldn’t resist.  The price was so reasonable, and my thinking was should I decide I don’t really like this style on me after all, I wouldn’t be out much.  They were cheap!  Unfortunately, a little more cheaply made than I would have liked, but it’s fine though, they will still get plenty of wear, and then I can upgrade to those Tom’s once these wear out and I know for sure that I will in fact get enough wear out of them.

Oakley Dispute

Next, the sunglasses.  I originally came across the pair I wanted at the Oakley outlet in Nashville.  I didn’t buy them that day because I was waiting, at the time, for our upcoming vacation.  Vacation finally came, and so did my chance to do some shopping.  I was almost out of luck that day though, cause after looking in all the Sunglasses Huts, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and no one seemed to know about this elusive pair of Oakley Disputes of which I spoke.  Then, we found the Oakley Outlet store in Orlando, and there they were, the last pair besides the display.  I didn’t hesitate one bit, and they came home with me that very second.  Maybe not that very second precisely.  I had accidentally left my wallet in the trunk of the car so I had to make my way back through the ridiculously huge outlet mall parking lot, in the rain, with no umbrella, to our car which I had forgotten where we had parked.  Then, back to the store to buy the glasses.  That very second, actually ended up being a few minutes later.  It’s almost the same thing.

I’ve saved the best for last, the dress:  ModCloth’s Floating on Aria dress.  The prettiest dress that had come through my Pinterest feed in awhile.

retro style

This I bought right away, that very same week in fact.  I am so happy that I did, because the next time I looked at the site my size was already sold out.  I think it is the prettiest dress currently in my closet and I am waiting for the perfect night (or day) out to wear it.

Floating on Aria Dress back view

Not necessarily with this pair of shoes.  Don’t worry!

Wish List outfit 2

There you go, my wish list fulfilled.  I still haven’t forgotten about those cherry red Carnaby Docs though… Hopefully, they will be added to the real life items very soon.

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