Blogger block is real, people, and I know this because I have it.  How can this be?  I have never really struggled about what to write, but here I am not exactly sure where this post is headed, and I am very much aware of the fact that this is not my third post for this week.

Perhaps my mind is filled with all the things that I haven’t gotten done lately, and that is why I have no inspiration for posts.  Maybe it’s this recent lack of free time, giving me less time to think on the little things.  Whatever it is, I hope it passes soon, because Blogger Block is not something I enjoy having.  This lack of blogspiration, however, has got me thinking about goals: both pertaining to the blog and my personal life.  I know I touched a little on this blog goal of three posts per week, but I also have a few others I’d like to have come to pass before the year is over.  So about these goals…

fall flowers edit

As pertaining to the blog:

  1.  Blog more.  This I have been struggling with for a little while now.  I think a blogging schedule would help, and I have recently come across the idea of an editorial calendar; I like it.  Less need to on the spot brainstorm, plus since I have been throwing my blogging hat into the world of reviews, this will be a great way to organize and plan for time sensitive posts.  Does anyone have any editorial calendar recommendations, suggestions, or ideas?  Please tell me your secrets!
  2. Post more outfit photos.  This is something I always want to do, but there are many factors that influence these posts for me.  The weather, in the summer it’s either too hot or too wet.  Too hot also meaning too humid then I get instantly sweaty and it goes back to the part about it being too wet.  I am not a pretty sight when I am sweating.  Or, as has been the case lately, the feeling of being not very photogenic.  Allergies, tiredness, and physical blemishes have all showed up in the last couple of weeks and there is only so much I can do with Photoshop.  But those problems aside, I will be working on more outfit photos.
  3. Take more photos, in general.  I updated my theme this summer and it is one of those magazine style themes that displays a nice header image at the top of each blog post.  (These images don’t come through to those who read via email, in case you are one of my email only readers.)  This new format, though, means that I need to have some more generic style photos to go with each of my posts.  These are easy to come up with for the outfit photos, but I am running low on random photos for all the others.  A few photography walks are in order to get a nice little stock pile of featured image photos.
  4. Get more feedback.  This is a hard one I think, but one that I haven’t really done much about.  How do I get more people to comment on my posts?  I love my sewing posts because I always get tons of feedback from my readers.  I need to find some ways to reach out more, and write things that will give me more interaction with you, the readers, on my other posts.  There are plenty of tips online for this and one tip that shows up a lot is to reach out yourself.  I admit, I haven’t been a very social blogger lately.  I hardly have time to spend on my own blog let alone visit others.  I am even weeks behind with those few blogs that I keep up with and comment on on a regular basis.  I will be working on this one for sure.

walking in fall copy

Goals as pertaining to my personal life:

  1.  Get more organized.  I am usually a pretty organized person, but lately, not so much.  I have things that I need to go through and rooms that need clearing out.  I didn’t do enough spring cleaning and it’s kind of backed up into this fall.  I must do something about this, ASAP!
  2. Keep my eating habits in check.  I changed my diet up in June and it’s been wonderful, but the last few weeks I have been slacking with my protein intake, and I am starting to notice.  I have never been a big protein eater, and I finally realized this when I really started keeping track of what I was eating during the day.  If I don’t keep track, I don’t eat enough protein, and this is important for me now because I am working so hard on building these muscles.  I don’t want to let this one slip.
  3. Learn how to foam roll.  Foam roll, what’s that?  I reckon it’s some kind of stretching technique.  I keep coming across that term, and hearing about the wonders of it, so I am thinking I should look into this one a little more.  I have basically been sore since March, and I haven’t been giving myself enough time to stretch after all these work outs.  If foam rolling is as wonderful as I hear it is, maybe I need to start doing this myself.  I will look into this one right after I drink my next protein shake.

This is a nice sized list that I should have no problem handling.  I will let you know in a couple of months how everything came along, or didn’t if that ends up being the case.  I will leave you all now, and get to thinking about how I shall go about these goals of mine.  For not having much to say, I ended up with almost 1000 words on the subject.

Has anyone else ever suffered from a case of blogger block?  Any tips on how to overcome it; what worked for you?

8 Replies to “A Little More About Goals…”

  1. I’m with you. One crazy thing that helps: use the week’s photo challenge word as kind of a mantra, and keep my eyes and ears open relating to that. I do need more inspiration as well, good luck! (This week’s subject: Happy Place)


    1. That is a great idea! I used to take part in the weekly photo challenges, and I should definitely get back into it. Those topics would be great to write about in addition to photographing. Thanks.

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  2. I’ve been posting for over three years and have never missed a week and I feel your pain! Whenever I am wondering what in the world will I discuss this week, I start reading until an idea pops into my head and the words take shape. However I have a targeted blog about the correlation between the mental, physiological and spiritual connection to food and Biblical principles so I can always hop around to different viewpoints. If that doesn’t help, take a walk or shower. 🙂 That seems to stimulate brain power. Just have fun! 🙂 Blessings,

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    1. Thanks for your ideas, Ellie! It is wonderful when the words will just start to take shape, but on the days they don’t these are some good tips. Taking a walk would be a good one for me, I find it easy to get my mind off of everything else when I’m walking. Plus, my dog will be happy about the extra exercise as well. 🙂 I really appreciate your feedback.

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