Good afternoon, everyone!  How has the week been for you all so far?  Mine has been going very well.  I am happy to be getting all the things done that I set out to do this week, my only complaint is how tired I have been.  I really need to do something about that!

I am thinking of taking a day off tomorrow, not from everything, of course.  I am pretty sure there will still be plenty of school to finish up, but as far as computer stuff and all those things, I think I will stay away from them.  I am thinking instead of my Friday morning blogging, I will get an early start on the cleaning that way I can spend my afternoon out.  My boy is is desperate need of a hair cut and I have a few things to return at Kohl’s and I would really love to avoid all retail stores next week if I am at all able.  So those are my plans.  Today’s post will have to suffice for my regular Friday post.

Speaking of plans, I had a little list that I put up here two months back about some goals that I had wanted to have accomplished by the end of the year.  I thought I’d do a little update on those today.


As pertaining to the blog, I’d say I did alright.  The goals in this area were: blog more, take more outfit photos, take more photos, and get more feedback.  I was very successful with the first three, and I am still working on that last one about the feedback.  Once I got out of my blogger block, it was very easy to get those three posts a week up.  Something that helped me with this was coming up with a blogging schedule.  I found a little notebook that I had and started penciling in ideas as they came to me.  Right now, I have a plan set for each day and I can fill in the specifics as I go.  My plan thus far: Mondays, me-mades; Tuesdays, reviews; Wednesdays, what I wore; Thursdays, specific outfit posts or photo posts; and Fridays, my usual weekly recap of some sort.  This schedule is working very well.  I am able to plan a couple of weeks in advance for most posts, and then just wing it for those photo and Friday posts.  I am still working on getting more feedback, and I reckon that will be an ongoing process, so I won’t be giving up on that one any time soon.

For my personal goals, I came up a little short.  The three I had wanted to work on were: get more organized, keep my eating habits in check, and learn to foam roll.  I’d say I was about half way successful with these.  I am making a slow start at getting organized.  I still have lots to do here. I’d say organizing the blog worked out, and my schooling schedule is probably the most organized part of my life, but my house is a work in progress.  I have lots to go through still, and this was where I came up short.  Never mind the spring cleaning, I’m in need of a winter cleaning session, asap!  I bought several storage tubs yesterday and I have my mind set to start with one room of the house at a time.  First is the washroom.  I have lots of shelves in there and lots to go through.

The goal of learning to foam roll never even happened.  This one required that I have an actual foam-roller, which I don’t.  And I haven’t even set foot in a sporting goods store to look for one since I made my list two months ago.  I thought of applying for one to try out as a blog review, but then when I noticed it required a You-Tube review as well, I said no thanks.  So this has yet to happen, but I do foresee it happening; I am not giving up on this one yet.

thistle field

I am keeping up with my eating habits, most days.  It was a little hard to get back into my regular routine with this once we came back from vacation, and trying to only have wine/alcohol on the weekends is a little tough some days (sometimes a relaxing glass of wine on a Wednesday night is a must), but overall I am doing alright.  If anything, now, I need to reevaluate my calories/macro allowances and start adding more to my everyday.  This will be ongoing, but I am happy to say I am doing just fine with this goal as of right now.

New goals: I only have one at this very moment, get more sleep!  Sunday through Thursday I get about six hours on most nights, but I think I need one more.  Come Thursday, I am exhausted and I have to do something about this.  Hopefully these next couple of weeks will be a good time to start working on this goal.  With a few extra days off, I can probably catch up and then try and keep it that way.

Well, you’ve probably all heard enough from me for today.  I will leave you here.  I must get to the rest of my day.  I will be back here again next week.  Have a nice weekend, everyone!  I am looking forward to mine.

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