Wardrobe Wear Out // Week 9

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When I was last writing about dresses, Monday, I had made a new one.  However, this new one would not be added to my final count of dresses that I must wear in a year’s time.  My count is still at 112 dresses today, with possibly another one – that I do like – in the process of being completed and added to that final number shortly.  More on that when it is a completed project though.

Now, week nine consists of what I wore Sunday, December 6th to Saturday, December 12th.  I have two to show you all this week.  It’s probably been my least dress-wearing December in many years.  Only two dresses a week is very unusual for me, really.


Dress 16/112: Apt. 9


Dress 17/112: Old Navy

What can I say?  I just can’t get enough of my long forgotten pants these days.  It’s even been kind of fun deciding on what to wear.  I always have such a hard time coming up with outfits when pants are involved – picking out a shirt also, way too much to think about sometimes.  The dresses will be coming out more and more though, so no need to worry about that.

With these two, I leave you for another week as far as dresses anyway.  I will be back again tomorrow, or should be anyway, with something on a different topic.  Or not… Stop back by to know for sure.

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