Lately, the gadget on everyone’s list is one of those fitness trackers like all the cool kids have.  Wait, maybe not on everybody’s list.  My boy would rather have an Apple watch, he says, than a fitbit or Nike FuelBand.  What does he know?  Well, what I have had on my list (an unpublished list if I may add) is one of those fitness trackers like all the cool kids have.  I am familiar with the fitbit, my niece has one, but I had never heard of the Nike FuelBand, that is until last Friday.

My guy has known that I have wanted a fitness tracker for awhile now.  I don’t talk about about getting one of those as much as I talk about buying more material, but the few times I have mentioned it, he was listening.  He found one last week, and thought of me.  He said it could be my ‘fitness band trial.’  I am assuming it was too good of a deal to pass up, and that is why I have the option to see if I like this particular brand, or if I’d rather, I can get the one I really want.  It sounded fine to me, and I can even overlook the fact that it is a little on the big side.  However, probably all of these things are going to be on the bigger side when I wear them, because I have some of the smallest wrists ever.  I am not saying this like I am proud of it either.  I would love to be able to wear more bracelets, but unless they are child sized, it’s not happening.


So I now have a Nike FuelBand, and I really like it.  I am two days into tracking my every move and I have found it so very motivating.  Sunday was my first day wearing it all day, and right away I felt the urge to take the dog for a really long walk.  Also, while I was out shopping that day, I had no problem going back and forth through the store looking at several things that I would usually just ignore.  “It’s only going to give me more steps for the day, which will make for more calories burned, which will get me closer to my goal, which will make my wrist light up in a rainbow of colors,” I thought to myself.  And I really wanted to see that goal achieved, which I did.  This actually kind of surprised me for a Sunday, since after my dog walking and shopping session, I came home only to sit down and start sewing a new dress.  I did have to make several trips back and forth between my room and the sewing room to see my project in a different light, and I made several rounds through the house because I usually always leave something behind in a different room when I go into another.  Or I forgot what I was looking for, and had to pace back and forth to try and remember.  But anyway, I did it, I reached my first day’s goal and I set it kind of high.  I guess I am pretty mobile even on what I thought was my laziest day.


And then there was Monday, I thought this day was gonna be an easy one for me to hit that goal.  I now know I am a lot less active when I am teaching school for most of the day.  I sit a lot.  If it weren’t for the gym last night, I would have come up very short.  But, thanks to my love of Hiit class and lifting weights, my goal was reached.  I didn’t even dance last night, that class was cancelled, so I will have to wait until next Monday to know my full Monday goal potential.


I am just getting started with this fitness tracker and I am already enjoying it very much.  I know I will have more to say about it as the weeks go by, so you have all been warned.  I will say, so far, the one thing I don’t like about it, and this I have just come across, is wearing it while I type.  I’m going to have to get used to that.



Anyone else have one of these neat little gadgets?  Please, let me know.  I am currently using the Nike FuelBand, and the only other one I know about is the Fitbit.  Does anyone have a different brand?  Tell me your thoughts.

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