This is not my most favorite make.  In fact, I am trying really hard to like it at all.  It had potential, I thought.  When I got the bodice done I was feeling really good about it, and I was thinking I might change my mind yet, but then when it was completed, nope, I wasn’t feeling any love for it.

I knew when I got the pattern that it wasn’t my usual style, but I like to step out on a fashion limb every now and again.  On vacation everywhere I turned I saw all sorts of ladies in stylish jumpers, and it got me a little anxious to resume the project I had started before we left.  But, when we finally got back and I found a Sunday to sew, I was dragging my feet on this one.


I persevered.  It would get finished and I was determined not to let this one end up in the sewing pile of no hope.

So here I am today, showing the whole internet, my least favorite make, and possibly the most unflattering of my whole sew-blogging life.


I had to wear it with a shirt underneath as the arm openings were way too low.  I dressed it up with leggings and a pair of slouchy boots because that is how I envisioned myself wearing this romper/dress when I was planning out my sewing projects a couple of months ago.  I feel it looks too baggy and I don’t think that the dropped waist looks that good on me.

M7115 bodice view

I can’t really say anything bad about the pattern itself though, it was easy to make and the directions were very easy to follow.  It also didn’t take that long to complete.  I went with the size small, and probably should have gone with x-small.  I had to take an inch off of the bodice, so folding the pattern at the adjustment line would have been a good idea as well.


I used a crepe georgette material, and crepe was one of the suggested fabrics, but I think something a little softer would have made it look a little nicer and would have given it a better drape.  Should I find myself in desperate need of trying this one again, I will go with a rayon or similar instead.  As of right now though, I think this style will be one that I buy.  Maybe being able to try several different variations on will let me know for sure if it is me or not.

I know not every make is a keeper, unfortunately, and that is why I am not increasing my current dress count.  This one will not be staying around.

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