A good Monday morning to you all!  I’ve done it again: I’ve made another dress and I’ve managed to get it up on the blog just in time to call it a Me-Made-Monday.  The dress I am talking about today is this lovely grey colored Butterick 6168.  (My pattern sleeve refers to it as a BP275, but when I googled it, nothing pattern related came up.)

I really like the way the dress came out.  I only had one problem with this make, the sleeves, and that is why there aren’t any.  I can’t seem to get sleeves on my dresses if the material I am working with is cotton.  They puff at the seam just enough to bother me, and I always end up taking them off.  So, if any of you sewists have wondered how this dress would turn out without sleeves, this is the version for you.

Sleeves aside, everything else was so easy with this make.  I was a little worried when I cut it out that the neck tab was going to be too high up, and I don’t find high necks flattering on me at all, but I had nothing to worry about.  The tab was perfectly placed.  I think mine only looks a little off because of the print on the fabric.  It really is centered just fine.

retro style dress

This  pattern didn’t call for pockets, so I made my own, or tried to anyway.  The pockets I used did not lay flat with the dress – I think my positioning was off and the skirt was a little more narrow than what I usually make.  I didn’t try again, I got impatient and just wanted to be done with the dress, so no pockets with this one.

I normally sew a size 10 with the big name patterns, and I usually have a few little adjustments to make.  This time, I went with the 8 and I am happy that I did.  I sewed all seam allowances as called for with the exception of the shoulder seam.  I made that one 1/2″ instead of the intended 5/8″.  Arm openings are always on the snug side for me so I adjusted here and it seemed to have worked alright.  I didn’t take in the back at all – which is something I almost always have to do.  I maybe could have taken a little out at the back top, but I am still happy with the fit as is.  A hook and eye wasn’t called for above the zipper, but I will be putting one in anyway.  I ran out of time the day I finished this to sew one on, and I will get to it before I wear it again.  That’s my plan anyway.

fit and flare dress

I’d never made this one before so I had to read all of the directions.  It took me a few days to make doing a little each day.  My last thought with this dress was to take the hem up just a bit, but after wearing it and seeing it in these pictures, I might leave it on the longer side.  I haven’t decided on that yet.

All that being said, I have nothing left to say about this one.  I am a happy dressmaker today!  I will be making this one again.

Butterick6168 dress

Well, one more thought… I occasionally wonder if sleeveless dresses look silly with tights and boots.  Since I am a year-round summer dress wearer, it’s something I think about this from time to time.  For me though, I usually have a sweater close by so that look stays mostly hidden this time of the year.  But sometimes, the arms are exposed.  What does anyone else think about that?  Could it possibly be a fashion don’t?  Because what do I know…  And I kind of do want to know.  Tell me your thoughts.

3 Replies to “The Skipping Stones Dress”

  1. This is such a cute dress. I love the detailing in the top and the fabric is awesome! (Great title for this dress, by the way!) And no fashion don’ts with the boots but a great option is a little ankle boot instead of a higher one! I love ankle boots with a small heel for some added leg length.


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