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I am a wine maker, so it would only be obvious that I am a wine drinker as well.  And, I happen to get really excited when wine accessories come my way.  Last week I got the opportunity to try out this little wine aerator by Vino Aria that you see here.

Vino Aria aerator

I don’t have a lot of experience with wine aerators.  I have used one once before this and it was awhile ago.  I did do a little bit of research about aerators though so I could have a proper understanding of what they are supposed to do.  (Remember, I am still somewhat of a newbie to the whole wine culture.  I’ve been drinking wine for years, yes, but it’s only recently that I have really been learning all there is to know about it.)

A wine aerator exposes your wine to air, triggering oxidation and evaporation.  In the wine making process, I know these two things are not desirable before bottling.  The oxidizing process will cause your wine to brown and will also possibly cause the wine to spoil.  In my wine making endeavors, I am very careful not to be bottling brown, spoiled wine.  Once you have opened your bottle, however, a little oxidizing is good for the wine, I am now learning, so this is where an aerator comes in handy.

Vino Aria sleek aerator

Using an aerator when pouring your recently opened bottle of wine will expose your wine to more oxygen, thus starting the whole oxidizing process.  It’s similar to what happens when you cut an apple, and after a bit of time out on the counter it starts to turn brown.  But with wine, after it has been bottled and it’s time to drink it, this is a good thing.  When you aerate, it is usually the volatile, undesirable compounds that are released.  Sulfides being one of these undesirables.

Just pouring you wine from the bottle to the glass is in itself a type of aeration.  So is swirling the wine in the glass before drinking it.  Swirling wine is supposed to bring out the aromas, right?  You are actually aerating it yourself because it is being exposed to more oxygen. More oxygen means more aromas and possibly a better taste.  Aerating is a good thing!

Vino Aria wine pour

I tried this aerator out with two bottles of wine.  One bottle that we bought from the store that was a couple of years old, and the other bottle was some that I had made myself – bottled four months ago.  The store bought wine tasted pretty much the same to me with and without aeration.  Mine on the other hand, tasted much better aerated than it did last time I tasted it without any aeration.  Which would make sense.  I was reading that the more dense and concentrated a wine is, the more it will benefit from aeration.  My wine is pretty dense and concentrated I’d say.  This particular wine of mine also had a noticeable change of flavor once I added my final ingredients before bottling.  It tasted much better this time with the aeration that is for sure.

I learned a little with this opportunity of trying out the Vino Aria aerator.  I learned that young wines definitely benefit from some type of aeration.  It is like making up a little bit of the wine’s natural ageing process.  And I found out that this little aerator is a handy thing to have when you are a two year old wine maker with a closet full of ‘young’ wine.

Aside from all the technicalities of wine aeration, my Vino Aria aerator worked very well.  It fit snugly on the bottle, while looking sleek, and made poring the wine a breeze.  The wine poured out slowly, didn’t leak, and I’m sure got plenty of oxygen in the process – there were briefly some noticeable bubbles on the surface of the wine in the glass after being poured.  Because I got the chance to try this out, and after finding out what I did about using aerators, this little device will be a regular with our evenings of wine drinking. A big thank you to Vino Aria for introducing me to the idea behind wine aeration.

Vino Aria cheers

Should you be interested in one of your own, you can find it here.

*I was sent this product for free for the purpose of an honest review.  Opinions are all my own, and are 100% truthful.

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