So where is winter?  Is it where you are, because it isn’t here in West Tennessee.  Today’s expected high is 70 degrees – I can’t believe it!  But since it is winter and the weather is going to be in the 70’s, there’s a good chance we are going to get some severe weather before the day is over.  It is cold somewhere, I know, and that cold will be hitting this warm sometime today.  What ever does end up hitting, I am hoping I will be home when it does… But enough of the weather, I am here today to talk about what I have worn this last week from my ever-expanding dress collection.  It doesn’t one bit feel like it has been ten whole weeks since I gave myself this little challenge of wearing all my dresses in a year’s time.

Sunday, December 13th to Saturday, December 19th is the time period for week 10.  Once again, I only have two to show you all.  I know I said enough of the weather, but the weather has been deciding my outfits lately.  It’s been warmer than usual for a December, and it has also been rainy.  I sometimes plan my outfits around my footwear, and I have a couple of pairs of new boots that I have been waiting to wear, but haven’t yet had the chance.  It’s either been too warm for boots or two wet to wear my new shoes, so I have been sticking to the old clunky pairs that don’t really look that good with dresses.  The weather has been my outfit enemy – until last Friday that is.

It actually got cold last Friday and I was headed to Jackson.  No old pants and ugly shoes for this trip; the new boots were about to have their day.  I wore my newest pair of boots with my newest slouchy cardigan and my newest pair of fleece lined tights.  The dress and t-shirt, on the other hand, not so new.  I was comfortable and finally wearing a pair of new shoes, so the old outfit didn’t matter.


Dress 18/112 – Old Navy

Then Saturday came along.  It was still a little on the cooler side, but not cold enough for a jacket.  A light sweater was sufficient (which I have no photo of), and I still got to wear the new boots, with my newest dress – which ups my final count to 113.


Dress 19/113 – made by me

After this, the rain came back and it’s seemed like it has been around ever since.  The sun did shine for a little bit yesterday, but there is more rain on it’s way as I write.  I guess it’s back to old shoes for the rest of the week.  I will try and not let that keep me from any of my dresses.  Until next time, have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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