It is getting close to being the end of another year.  Where has it gone? is the question that I am always asking myself this same time every year.  It was just yesterday that I was watching my last sunset of 2014.  Did anyone notice that this is the last Friday of 2015?  It just dawned on me that it was while I was browsing through blog posts.  I’ve taken a little bit of a break from my everyday life this week, but I couldn’t leave the last Friday of the year without a post, could I?

Since I haven’t been up to my usual this week, I might not have much to say about it.  I was not busy, and it was wonderful!  I haven’t been to the gym since last Thursday and the relaxing evenings have been great.  I’ve finally caught up with some of that sleep I have been missing out on lately, and having a body a little less tired these days has helped a whole lot.  I feel refreshed!

My NikeFuel goals may have suffered a little because of it, but that was fine by me.

In no particular order, here are the highlights of my last, full week of 2015:


Having a clean house.  My guy only worked on Monday and Tuesday and so did I.  The boy and I did all the schoolwork that we could and I did all the cleaning that I could as well on those two days.  My kitchen hasn’t looked so good in awhile, and I can’t remember the last time I was caught up on laundry.


We found a new restaurant that we like.  On Wednesday we made a trip into Nashville.  It was a perfect day for family time, and surprisingly the mall wasn’t a mad house.  (It was early and that is probably why.)  For lunch we ate at a place called Claim Jumper – in the mall – and I wondered why we hadn’t eaten there before.  We’ve walked past it many a time, but since the seating line for Johnny Rockets was not moving very fast, and considering there were plenty of tables available, we were worried the service was gonna be on the poor side because of it, so we tried this other one out.  It was so good!  And it had a bar, which Johnny Rockets did not.  I am by no means an over-drinker, but going out to eat without having drinks just isn’t a proper outing for me on most occasions.  This was one of those occasions.  I tried one of their seasonal drink specials, an International Tea, and it was so good I want to go back just for another.  Plus, they had a cashew chicken salad lunch sandwich, and it was delicious!  I’m by no means a foodie either, but maybe I was a little bit this day.  Hey, I didn’t have to cook for once, it was exciting!


More sewing, but I should probably say more getting ready to sew.  I got new material last weekend and I am anxious to get started with something.  I went through my patterns again and again trying to decide what to make, and it felt a lot like it sometimes does for a girl to look into her closet and try to decide what to wear.  I have all these patterns and not a thing to make!  Yes, I tend to stick to the same few and I have some others that I really should try, so I am going with two that I have not done before – kind of.  One, I have never made before, and the other I have made a different version of, so the version I want to make now will be half-way new to me.


No tornadoes in our county.  It is always good when there are no tornadoes.  This was Wednesday and that was the day we were in Nashville.  We knew that the weather was expected to get bad, so we were conscious to get home before it hit.  I do not, I repeat DO NOT like driving in weather that is favorable for producing tornadoes, I have done it before and it was awful!  So we made it home just in time to get a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae (priorities, right?) and let the dog out before the weather hit.  I am happy to say it didn’t really hit where we are.  In fact, we got less than half an inch of rain which was pretty surprising as much as they hyped up that storm on the news.  Unfortunately though, there was a tornado not far from here.  Actually, in the town we used to live before this.  Tornadoes that close to home always make me think.  And in this case I am thinking yet another good reason for moving out of Selmer, TN.  (The worst ten months of my life were spent there.)  Moving on…


Lastly for the highlights of this week, I went hunting with my guy, but nothing came our way.  I did get to shoot a shotgun for the first time ever and that was pretty neat.  I’m becoming more and more Tennessean all the time it would seem: hunting, shooting, and talking ’bout tornadoes, who would have known.

Well, I’ve managed almost 1000 words all about my ‘uneventful’ week.  I’d say it was pretty eventful after all.  I’m done telling you all about it now though.  I have some time to make up for in the gym, and I am looking forward to the fact that no one will be there today.  I’ve not eaten like I normally do this whole week, so I need to do something will all these extra calories I’ve been consuming.  I’ll be back next week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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