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Buying, Trying, and Eyeing

I haven’t really done a review post in a little while.  I guess you could say this is kind of like a review post, or maybe a review post in progress.  Today I am going to talk a bit about facial products, supplements, and appliances.  Not the most […]

Diamond And Sapphire from Modern Design

Hello, all!  Today I am talking about jewelry: something I like to post about every once in awhile over here.  I’d like to tell you all a little bit about the company Modern Design Inc, a manufacturer and wholesaler of diamond jewelry located in the Los Angeles area.  The […]


A FitBit Update

I have had my FitBit for a whole eight months, and guess what?  It’s headed to the trash this week.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like it any less.  In fact, it should have been trashed about three weeks ago, but I am having a hard time parting […]