Hello, readers!  I hope your 2018 is going well so far.  Me?  I cannot complain.  All is well in my neck of the woods.  All is well except it could be warmer.  It hasn’t gotten above freezing in days and I’m tired of it.  Any who, I’ve been keeping warm indoors and working on some rearranging, as you all saw a bit of in my last post.

Something else I’ve been doing with my time indoors?  Redecorating the walls.  I was the happy recipient of a lovely canvas wall photo a couple of weeks back.  I was asked by the wonderful people at Photowall.com if I would be interested in a print of my choice to try out and review over here on the blog.  There was no hesitation on my part (as there never is when I get asked to review such great products), so I said yes and proceeded to pick out my photo.

The choices are endless!  A wall mural (any size)?  A canvas print?  My own photo turned into a work of art?  What would I choose?  I loved the floor to ceiling wall murals, but I was a little nervous about getting something so big and then worrying over which wall it would go on.  I then thought I would upload my own photo, but just couldn’t narrow down which one I should pick.  It’s hard choosing your own photos for artwork in my experience.

I went with something that was already available from the Architecture category.  It came down to a couple of really cool bridges, or a really detailed spiral staircase.  My guy made the final decision and I couldn’t be happier with what we got.

The canvas prints come with a do-it-yourself type of frame.  What we got was packed well, and it shipped fast.  I had a notification the next morning after placing my order the night before that it was already on its way.  It only took a couple of days to receive, even in the midst of one of the most hectic shipping times of the year.  The canvas itself was of great quality: thick paper with good detail in the print.

Once we got the photo, it took us a couple of days to find the time to put it together, but once we got it out of the packaging and laid it out on the floor, it didn’t take long at all to have a wonderful new piece of art to hang on one of our walls that was in the most need of decor.  I will admit it took me a few days after putting it together to decide on which wall this would be.

Where, oh, where should it go…

The frame construction was a breeze and we only needed the directions that came with the package.  No YouTube tutorial necessary, although there is one available should you need a little extra help.

First thing you do is lay out your print on a flat soft surface.  We started on the carpet but it’s shaggy and sometimes pieces of carpet get stuck between boards when we put things together on it, so we moved it on to a blanket.

Then you lay the four wood frame pieces on the wrong side of the canvas.  Line them up with the edges, a little measuring is involved.  Then pull the paper covering the sticky side of the wood and place back on the print.  Lastly, you lay the frame sides over on their side towards the center to join the corners and screw in the L-brackets to each corner.  That’s it.  So easy, and we now have a pretty nice looking piece of art, canvas art that is.  The first of its kind in this house.

A big thank you to Photowall.com for this nice piece of wall decor.  Should you be interested in one of your own, the nice people at Photowall.com have given me a 20% off coupon to share.  Just use the coupon code RejoicefortheDayCampaign2017 in the next 30 days over on their site to get yourself your own wonderful thing to hang up on your wall at a discount.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

*Disclaimer:  I was sent this piece for the purpose of a review.  I am not being compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own and are 100% truthful.

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