52 Week Photography Challenge

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I love a good challenge.  I’ve done a few on here, mostly pertaining to wearing things, but this one I am talking about today has to do with photography and getting better with that.  I use my camera all of the time, and I’m still learning as I go.  I’ve done many daily photo challenges over on Instagram (in fact at one point I thought they would never end for me), but this time I want to do one with my real camera.  iPhone 6 photos just won’t cut it for something like this.

I’ve been looking into some different challenge ideas for the last several weeks and the one that stands out to me that would also be good for improving my photography skills is this one over here.  I’ve come across it in years past, but never at the beginning of the year.

I am excited and looks like once again I will be carrying my camera with me everywhere I go – not that I don’t already.  I actually never leave the house without my small point and shoot, and most days I do lug the big one around as well.

Week one’s theme is Look Ahead.  I am working on that now and I will plan to post these on Tuesdays.  I have every intention to keep up with it as I love documenting my life with photos, and it’s an added bonus that I get better with taking photos in the process.

On a similar note, I am currently working on making a slideshow with the pictures I took last year that highlighted my 2017.  I’ve given myself until the end of the month to have that done – I hope I can.  I just loved my 2016 video, and I thought that I could do something with my photos from 2017.

It’s a plan in motion, let’s see how it goes…

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