2018, here we go:

Overall, it was a pretty good week.  Not a lot going on, but still pretty good.  I will start with Monday at IKEA.  Well, that was about the extent of the day, IKEA.  We were in no hurry to get out of the house so woke up without an alarm which was really nice.  No breakfast, just coffee and once we were ready we loaded into the car and headed west.  First, lunch at the IKEA restaurant.  I thought it was gonna be free because last time the food was free with a $100 purchase.  We were there to shop so spending a hundred dollars was gonna be easy, but turns out the free deal is only on certain occasions.  Not a problem, the food was still good and how often do we ever all eat for only $16.00?

We did our shopping and then came home.  The boy had dinner at the cousins’ house while Stephen put together my new shelf and I made a mess of the sewing room to make room for the new shelf.  That was about the whole day.  Once the shelf was done, Stephen retreated to the couch and started to feel sick.  We watched the last few episodes we had left of the Great British Baking Show that we had been watching on Netflix and called it a night.

Will 2018 be the year I master the awful mirror selfie? Probably not.  Still blurry.

Tuesday, Stephen stayed home sick.  Another alarm free morning and I hit my sleep goal once again.  I think I’m at three days in a row.  I finished cleaning up the mess of a sewing room and tried to quietly do some cleaning while Stephen was sick in bed.  Many of my friends got sick this weekend and several have symptoms of the flu.  One friend described it as ‘brutal’.  Hope that is not what my guy is down with.

Wednesday, another day that Stephen stayed home.  He’s feeling better so there is hope.  I got a few more things done around the house and my main focus was laundry.  The boy cleaned his room and probably every single item of his clothing was dirty.  Not really, but it seemed like it after he emptied his hamper onto my wash room floor.  I did make him do a little bit of the laundry this time.  I am avoiding the outdoors.  It’s not gotten much above the teens lately and I am not happy with the cold.  Mittens the cat is still secluded in the garage from last Wednesday and she is starting to be a lot more active.  Phrase of the day: I hate the cold!  

How I felt this week, half frozen.

Thursday, Stephen went to work and I really got some stuff done at home.  I’ve been cooking a lot lately; I do all the time anyway, but I’ve rediscovered some old cookbooks – real hardback books!  I’ve made three new things in less than a week and they were all hits.  No cooking this particular day though cause I had leftovers.  I did make it out of the house for a lunch date with a friend and her little ones.  Downer of the day: Ethan is starting to feel bad.  Also, I was totally lazy this afternoon and didn’t bother to go to my 5 o’clock gym class.  Or the dance class I like to take on Thursdays.  I’m in hibernation mode until the weather warms up.

How I looked this week.

Friday started with Ethan sick.  He didn’t want to get up and had a bit of a fever.  I actually checked  cause he asked me to, and it was a surprise that the thermometer even worked.  I think it was over five years ago that I last used it.  While he slept I paid bills for my guy and then headed to town for groceries.  We were out of everything after spending almost a whole week at home.  We go through a lot more when there are three of us eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  My boy didn’t move from his bed all day and is still feeling bad.  Stephen and I ate our dinner without him and it was weird.  High note for the day: I released the cat from her garage prison of nine days and she was very happy to be outside.  She came to me every time I called her, so at least I know she doesn’t hate us.  Actually, how could she hate us?  She is the sweetest cat, and I really like her now.  Other high note, the weather got above freezing for the first time in probably a week.  Yay!

That was my week.  How was yours?

2 Replies to “Dear Diary 2018: Week 1”

  1. I’ve seen pictures of the extreme weather in the USA on TV. Fortunately it is not so cold here in the UK at the moment.
    Your trousers look really comfy. I tend to wear trousers more than skirts in winter


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