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My Dream Closet

What girl doesn’t dream of the perfect closet?  Actually, up until recently, I hadn’t thought much about dream closets, and most of my closet thoughts happen when I walk into mine and see that I can never keep things on the hangers.  I have this blanket tub in […]

A Random Sunday in September…

Sometimes, Sundays are the best days of the week.  I like the Sundays that are laid back, unplanned, but with just the right amount of things going on so that you aren’t too busy, and yet aren’t stuck at home doing nothing either.  Even better, when Sundays in […]

Styling Spaces

Personal style shows up everywhere, don’t you think?  From the things we choose to put on each day, to the way we style our hair, and it even shows up in our chosen surroundings.  Where we choose to shop is probably affected a little by our own individual […]

Before the Summer is Over

We have four full weeks and five fast weekends left of our summer break. (Wasn’t I just writing about how summer just started?) So many things I want to do still, but this week was the week I started ordering school books and going back-to- school shopping. I […]