Before the Summer is Over

We have four full weeks and five fast weekends left of our summer break. (Wasn’t I just writing about how summer just started?) So many things I want to do still, but this week was the week I started ordering school books and going back-to- school shopping. I may be getting ahead of myself, but the best books and the store sales always start early in my experience. The boy is gonna be well dressed for the remainder of summer and will already have a backpack full of supplies ready to get started with come the end of August – no procrastinating going on here!

Back to the things I want to get done. Well, I am an admitted procrastinator with some things- shopping not being one of them- and let me just say that the boy’s room is one of these things that I have put off doing for too long now. Back in December I had a similar story about how his room was in serious need of an update, and it is still in the same state – only the furniture has changed. I think the idea of painting is holding me back. Or maybe it is opening up that closet that is keeping me away. Surely, I have enough trash bags!? I have enough time and I could even put the boy to work, so it WILL get done; really, this time it WILL!

I also need to get a few things checked off of my garden wish list. I know I said I would be happy with two back in the spring, but why stop there? A Mary Jane Magnolia would be so pretty to look at come next spring… (I am not making any promises with this one or anything that involves getting things outside to grow though.)

Then there is the ‘summer’ field trip we still need to take. Our local zoo has free Tuesday’s for residents and we are running out of our free time to make this happen. There is some serious talk going on amongst my friends, so I am pretty sure this will be happening very soon.

Another weekend drive would also be a good thing to do before the summer is over. But this is actually something that can be done at anytime, and might even be more enjoyable in cooler weather. Not the driving part, but the getting out to explore part. I have a few places in mind, and cooler weather might just be ideal.

Three things that don’t sound far fetched at all: redo a room, plant another tree, and go to the zoo. They might all even get done in one week. But whatever it is that we decide to do first, it is going to have to wait one more week because this is the last week the city pool is open and that is on the to do list RIGHT NOW.

This should conclude the ‘boy jumping into the pool’ photos for the season!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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