Rejoice for the Day

Sometimes, Sundays are the best days of the week.  I like the Sundays that are laid back, unplanned, but with just the right amount of things going on so that you aren’t too busy, and yet aren’t stuck at home doing nothing either.  Even better, when Sundays in September start and end out in the backyard.


  Leftover pizza, coffee, and fresh air outside.


A nice drive towards the state park.


Walking the vineyard rows while picking a grape or two.


Stopping to take a selfie.


Afternoon chores and the cleanest room in the house.


Cleaned up for a late lunch out, and happy in a new Old Navy dress.


Never mind the lunch, this was dessert.


Home again and time for wine.  But not how you’d think.  Racking three gallons of blueberry muscadine into the secondary fermenter.


Three gallons still bubbling away.


A little bit of work outside.


The newly stacked fire pit enclosure – perfect for the cool evening ahead.


A wonderful way to end the day.

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