In my opinion, it is never a bad time to start thinking about fall fashion.  Fall is my favorite time of the year and it just seems reasonable that fall fashion would be my favorite as well.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend my days online looking for the latest and greatest trends, nor do I lie awake at night wondering what will be on the upcoming fashion runways.  No, I just like to make my rounds through the local department stores and sometimes it is nice to know what ‘trends’ I have to look forward to, and if I should even bother changing my wardrobe up much this season or not.  Some trends are better left at the store, if you know what I mean. (Those turtle necks and slouchy pants of 2013 were two that never came home with me.)

Fall 2015 is just about here.  I may be a little late regarding this topic, but I have noticed that a lot of the stores are still having their summer clearances going on, so I expect the fall fashion finds will be just around the corner, and I haven’t missed the preview bus just yet.  What might this preview bus consist of, someone may be asking?  Well, here’s the list and how I feel about the trends ahead.  Don’t worry, this list doesn’t seem to be too long.

Fall Trends 2015
  •  Romantic Blouses – and so called, I am thinking, because of the chiffon material and the tie-neck accents.  Hmm, I do like blouses, but tie necks, I am not too sure about them.
  • Plaid – A big woo hoo to this one.  I love plaid.  And maybe it has something to do with me being an adolescent of the 90’s,  but I would definitely not have any trouble adding more of this to my closet. In fact, I have that plaid skirt that still needs to be fixed; I might just have to move it to the top of that mending pile… (What mending pile?)
  • Chevron – the fancier version of stripes, I hear, and something else I wouldn’t mind shopping for.  I have a soft spot for patterned fabric and patterned clothing.  Now, since I don’t think I have anything chevron, this one makes my shopping list for this season. (Oh, wait I do have one chevron skirt.)
  • Boho – this one comes up a lot.  Last time it was referred to as ‘Folk-Inspired’.  Hippie chic, Boho, Folk, they all seem the same to me, and the only thing I can think of in this category that goes with my style preferences right now would be a loose fitting cardigan, and maybe another broomstick skirt.
  • Denim-on-Denim – Jean shirts with jeans pants, or even jean jackets on top of more jean articles of clothing – NO THANKS.  I think the only good thing that may come of this trend for me, is more choices when trying to find that perfect pair of jeans.
  • Robe Coats – I am a fan of the pea coat which is a longer style coat.  I might be willing to look into this trend just because while I do like coats, I always have a hard time finding ones that I like on me.  Maybe with a lot of longer style ones this season, I will find something to bring home.
  • Long-on-Long – Tunics, shirt dresses, tank dresses, all on top of a long pair of pants.  Hmm…  I don’t mind the tunics, shirt dresses, and tank dresses, but I think I prefer them to be over leggings or a nice pair of tights.  Which brings me to my favorite of the season:
  • Tights – Specifically patterned tights.  I have a whole drawer overflowing with this very thing.  I will no doubt not need to be adding any more of these to my fall wardrobe.  Although, patterned tights being in style just means I will have a nice selection to shop from should I need more, and I always need more when it comes to tights.
  • Furry Boots – I am most definitely a boot kind of girl, but furry boots, never!  This may actually be my least favorite trend of the season.  Unless I am forced to buy them, furry boots will not be showing up on me anytime soon.

There you have it, the top trends of Fall 2015.  Any of these you like?  How about dislike?  I think the chevron and Robe Coats have caught my attention the most, and they might be the two that I actively look for this season.  I’ll let you all know how that goes.  Please, let me know your thoughts…

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