I am beginning to think that I may never write in my physical journal again.  Well, maybe not ever again, just not any time soon it seems.  It’s another Friday of another week, and yet again, there was a lot going on.


Monday, Sept 14th – Time to get the school week going.  Lot’s of work, but thankfully this year (the boy’s first of high school) seems to be off to a pretty nice start.  They boy has hardly had any homework and seems to be breezing through all of his lessons, so far.  We shall know more about this come Friday when he takes the first round of tests.  This Monday was a little frustrating for me though.  I spent every free moment that I had trying to figure out some computer code.  I had a few issues come up here with the blog, and I was just about at a head-to-desk moment when I had to get offline and get ready for a ballet class.


Yes, it was back to ballet for the season for me, and I am hoping to keep up with it more than I did last year.  The first class went well, I felt the week before last’s ankle injury however, but that aside, it was a nice break from weights, and my mind had a nice break from that pesky code situation I had waiting for me when I got back home.

I am happy to say that the code problem did get fixed that night, by me!  I asked my guy to help, but knowing that looking at computer code on his off work hours isn’t always what he wants to do, I asked Google and got it figured out myself.  I always feel like I have accomplished so much when I get computer stuff figured out on my own.  It was a happy night!

Tuesday, Sept 15th – Another day at school, and a day away from home.  After all the school work was done, I got to spend some time hanging out with a few friends.  The time talking was also a good time for me to start seam ripping the arm opening of one of my dresses.  I didn’t get it all done, but it’s a start anyway.

There have been September allergies around here and this afternoon the boy was feeling them, I made it to the gym without him, and I may have been feeling the affects of allergies myself, because I ended up doing only half of the workout I usually do on a Tuesday.


Wednesday, Sept 16th – I decided on a quick trip to Nashville today.  I needed some groceries and to make a stop at the wine making store.  Also, there was something that needed to be returned at the mall.  This quick little mall stop, however, found us leaving with more things than we went in with.  Those sales get me all the time!  I made it home just in time for the gym, and it was a cardio only kind of night.

Thursday, Sept 17th – Home today, or so I thought.  The boy had an orthodontist appointment and then we needed to head up to the family property to check on vines and do some mowing.  En route we made a stop at the state park for a little bit.  It was a busy day!  Luckily, school was on the easy side for us today.  But this afternoon, it was rough for me, I was tired.  I pushed through it though.  With my pre-workout amino acids in hand, I made it to my usual 5:15 gym class and then had my best weight workout of the week with my guy.  Next to legs, shoulders have become my favorite thing to train, and my guy had something new for us to try.  It’s a keeper of a workout, for sure.


Friday, Sept 18th – And here we are, Friday.  You know something else that isn’t happening anymore?  Getting my house cleaned on a Friday.  We had a pretty busy school day today, so nothing extra was going on for me.  I did manage to end the day with a fairly clean kitchen and dinner on the table before it got too late.  Now, I am looking forward to a nice night of relaxing.

And that was my week.  I’ll be back on the blogosphere soon.  Here’s to the weekend!




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