What girl doesn’t dream of the perfect closet?  Actually, up until recently, I hadn’t thought much about dream closets, and most of my closet thoughts happen when I walk into mine and see that I can never keep things on the hangers.  I have this blanket tub in the corner of my closet, and every time I have what-to-wear moments of trying multiple things on, I end up laying what I don’t wear on said tub instead of hanging them back up.  Why do I continue to do this? I don’t know.  But what I do know now, is that after the last several days of looking at closets online, I can say I am finally having thoughts of My Dream Closet.

There is this site called Compass, a real estate platform based in New York with unlimited resources for finding your perfect space, and they recently got me thinking about what my dream closet would look like.  What a question, and surprisingly one I hadn’t really thought about.  Probably every Pinterest pinner but me has a board with their perfect dream closet!  Well, now it is my turn.  It didn’t take long, and now I have visions of never-ending space for all of my dresses – present and future – an abundance of shoe storage, and freshly cut flowers as the centerpiece to my imaginary, dream closet.

My number one closet must have, shelves – lots and lots of shelves.  I can never seem to have enough shelf space in my current closet, so my dream closet would have an unlimited amount of these.  Of course, now I would have to make sure I had enough sweaters and shoes to fill all of these shelves.  A dream closet seems to be the perfect excuse to do more shopping, doesn’t it?

Next, perfect lighting with dressing room style mirrors, and a stand out center light fixture.  Every closet should have these, don’t you think?

Then, there would be space.  Wide open space so when I am having trouble deciding on what to wear (which I might considering all of the clothes that would be filling my overly abundant, imaginary wardrobe), that little corner pile of clothes that didn’t work out, would look like only a couple of things considering how big the closet is overall.

And lastly, the freshly cut flowers.  All dream closets need these, and they should be replaced daily, because, why not.

4 Replies to “My Dream Closet”

    1. I have the same problem with the size of my closet, too small for it to ever resemble one of these. Maybe in my next house… ha ha! Ooh, you have a clean space to work with, that is great! And it will be fun to replace all the old clothes that doesn’t fit anymore. How exciting for both the weight loss and the wardrobe to fill. 🙂

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