The Sun is Going to Shine, It’s Already a Good Day


Good morning!  I missed out on my mostly regular Friday post, and didn’t want to just leave you all only with posts about dresses, so here is a little catch up on my life last week.  I was a very busy gal these last seven days, and most of my time was spent between teaching school, putting food away, and cooking.  I had several days where all I wanted to do was just sit down and not get up again.  I was literally on my feet the whole day more than I usually am, and boy was I tired come Friday.  I didn’t even find my way to the computer until well into the evening and blogging was not on my mind by then.

I was productive, yes, but a little down just the same.  The reason for this was the awful weather we had last week.  Hardly any sunshine at all and lots and lots of rain.  I can take about two days of that and then it really starts to affect how I feel.  But the sun came out this weekend for a fair amount of time and I am all better mood wise.


My time in the kitchen produced lots of jerky, lots of dinners (in fact, I think we have leftovers for several days into this week), and lots of labeled bottles of wine.  I even found a few minutes between teaching math lessons and slicing meat to get to one item on my mending pile.  There were lots more I did, but these were the major ones.  It was a long week that is for sure.  Now, for the start of this one.  So far, it is going at a much slower pace than the last.  My guys’ hunting Sunday was unsuccessful, which I am kind of happy about because their successful hunts from the week before is part of what kept me so busy.  I am happy to spend a little less time in the kitchen this week.


I got lots of new material and lots of new patterns towards the end of the week, so I got to work on some sewing plans yesterday.  I even started a muslin (practice dress) despite how much I dislike making something for nothing.  I have some nice material that I don’t want to ruin, so I figured it would be a good idea to practice first.  I didn’t get too far into the project though, I guess I wasn’t as motivated to sew as I thought I was.  So instead, I went off to clean my kitchen and taste wine.  I have 9 gallons waiting to be bottled and it was time to see how they are doing.  They are tasting pretty good, much better than when I last sampled them.  My plan is to have them bottled by the end of the year, only a few weeks away, so collecting and cleaning bottles is on my to do list for now.  Forty five bottles is what I am looking at.  FORTY FIVE bottles, that is a lot of wine!

I will finish up today with this.  I’ve got some things to do and unfortunately they are not on the computer.  I am working on learning all about my new camera so I think I will start doing some photo challenge posts up here on the blog, expect to see some of those.  Oh, and speaking of which, I have just completed my second, thirty day photo challenge on Instagram and have already started another – I can’t stop!  Please follow me there if you would like to see my iphone shots throughout the week.  Until next time, have a great one, everybody!

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