The Tangled Green Dress

retro style dress

First off, I know it is the first Thursday of the month and my post should be all about the wonderful thrifted things that I wear.  Sorry, this post is not about anything like that this week.  I am blaming the weather.  It’s been rainy and dreary FOR DAYS and I haven’t had a chance to get any outfit photos.  So a new Me-Made dress post will have to do for today.

I couldn’t decide whether to call this one Tangled in Green or Scribbled in Green.  I guess since the material was called tangled mosaic, the tangled title would be fine.  (Who names their dresses anyway?  I guess if you are blogging about them, it makes distinguishing them from the others a little easier.  Plus, it’s just fun to give them all a name.)

The Tangled Green Dress bodice view

The Tangled Green dress was an easy make for me.  I only had two yards of this fabric and I had been putting off making anything with it for a while because I already have a dress that is almost this same color exactly.  I bought the material because I liked the look of it, but mostly because it was on sale.  Last week, while browsing fabric, again, I found some more material that I just had to have, but there was only 2 yards available.  What kind of dress could I make with just two yards I thought.  Then I remembered I had this stuff, and it became my two yard trial dress so I will have an idea of what to do with the other two yards of material that I am anxiously awaiting…

Two yards was perfect for what I made.  I didn’t have enough for the arm or neck binding though, but I did have some scraps that did a fine job.  In fact, I just love the way the contrast of the binding looks.  Maybe next time I will be bold and go with a reversed binding and have the contrast on the outside.

The Tangled Green Dress back view

The Tangled Green Dress binding

Now the details about the dress.  I used my modified neck, Simplicity 2444 for the front bodice; my Butterick 5748, modified back bodice; and the skirt portion from Simplicity 1418.  So basically, a version of my first pattern hack here, with a different skirt.  I took away the back seam in the bodice to make it one piece front and back and still went with a side inserted zipper.  When I make my next, I am going to go with an invisible zipper just because I think it will give it a cleaner look.

As far as the fabric and fit go, I had some mixed feelings about these.  The design of the material, I love, but the fabric itself was a little flimsier than I am used to working with for dresses.  It is a little on the thin side.  I could have lined this bodice and not have ended up with much bulk, but there was that little issue of not having a lot of material.  It will do fine as a summer dress.  I think the fit is a bit snugger than my last version and I couldn’t figure out how that happened.  I sewed my seam allowances the same as last time, so I am blaming the fabric, because I know I may be a few pounds over my normal weight, but I also know that my other version of this dress fits just fine.  It isn’t me is what I am saying, so it has to be the material.  😉

The Tangled Green Dress 2

Final thoughts, I am very happy with the dress.  The bodice pleats from this pattern are one of my favorites, and the pleats on the skirt are a wonderful finishing touch.  You will see another one of these very soon I am sure, because as soon as I get my next two yards of fabric, I am off to the sewing room.

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9 Replies to “The Tangled Green Dress”

  1. Erika, I love that shade of green, and I’m like the other commenters….LOVE that contrasting bias binding- really fun and pretty! Now I never want to use matching binding again! 🙂


    1. Thank you! The bias binding was from some material I bought with this fabric, and I always liked they way the two looked next to each other. I am glad I had the scraps for the binding. 🙂

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