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A Sunday Adventure in a New Dress

What more could I say about the Simplicity 2444?  It is one of my favorite patterns, and I think I have made this one more than enough times that you all would get tired of hearing about it once again.  So instead, this post is about the day […]

As Pretty as a Weed Can Be

Who says weeds aren’t pretty though?  Not me.  Some of my favorite flowers are actually considered weeds to others:  Queen Anne’s Lace, passion flower, and thistles, just to name a few.  Today’s post isn’t about weeds though, it’s about this dress that has this wonderful weed-like print all […]

The Tangled Green Dress

First off, I know it is the first Thursday of the month and my post should be all about the wonderful thrifted things that I wear.  Sorry, this post is not about anything like that this week.  I am blaming the weather.  It’s been rainy and dreary FOR […]

Pattern Hacking a 2444

In case some of you are scratching your heads wondering what on earth the title of this post means, let me give you a clue…  It involves sewing and the Simplicity 2444.  Those of you who do sew, or obsessively use Pinterest, may already know all about the […]

A Completed Simplicity 2444

Hello, all you blog readers!  If you stopped by today hoping to read about something that I have made, you are in luck.  As you may have noticed, my blogging was a bit sparse last week.  I have been busy, and in what little free time I had, […]