retro style dress

Who says weeds aren’t pretty though?  Not me.  Some of my favorite flowers are actually considered weeds to others:  Queen Anne’s Lace, passion flower, and thistles, just to name a few.  Today’s post isn’t about weeds though, it’s about this dress that has this wonderful weed-like print all over it.  I could say flower print, I know, because isn’t that another name for weeds, wildflowers?

Simplicity 2444

I fell in love with the fabric when I first saw it.  The print reminds me of dandelions or even a variety of Queen Anne’s Lace.   I bought a couple of yards and it made for a nice summer version of a Simplicity 2444.  I just can’t get enough dresses from this pattern in my wardrobe, and I’ve finally got this one down so I was able to make it without any instructions.  I did have to glance at the part pertaining to the pleats once, because I wanted to make sure I got the folds on the correct side of the fabric.  I have messed that part up on previous dresses not once, but twice.  I didn’t want to add a third mess up to my collection.

simplicity 2444

My last couple of makes from this pattern were both with the back part of the bodice from a different dress, but for this one, I wanted to have another try at the original back.  I measured it up to the Blown Away dress that I had made several months ago, and cut off about half an inch from the back center seam.  It matched up perfectly with the other one so I was pretty sure it would fit just fine when it was all done.  I was right.  (Please excuse the back wrinkles. I almost didn’t use this photo; it is so hard to take a back picture of the dresses that I make without them looking like the fit is off.  I can assure you, the fit is fine, I am just standing weird.)  I also took out the center front seam on the skirt, and cut the front skirt part out on the fold.  I like it much better without that seam running down the middle.

retro style fit and flare dress

That is all I have to say about this dress.  I would have loved to have worn it somewhere out for the day and have had more of a story to tell, but I am afraid it’s just dress details for this post.  It was so hot outside while taking these pictures that once I was done I came in, changed, and got ready to go to the lake.  I feel much better now after spending the last couple of hours lounging in the water.  The story of the day out in my new dress will have to wait for another time.

Details:  Dress – Simplicity 2444 || Fabric – Art Gallery, Cleta Riding Diary Burst from || Shoes – Candies || Belt- thrifted

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6 Replies to “As Pretty as a Weed Can Be”

    1. I had plans for this one to be a spring dress, but where I am, summer shows up sometimes before spring even does, and that was the case this year. It is perfect for summer. Thanks! 🙂


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