When You Are Your Own Photographer

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I may not be the best photographer, but I am my own photographer, and considering, I would say I’m not doing too bad of a job.  This didn’t happen over night, let me tell you.  I have had a big hand in filling up the hard drive with my photos, many of which are almost too embarrassing to even have kept.  But I keep them for posts such as these when I need to look back and see how far I have come as far as my so-called, self-photography skills go. I’ve recently come across some helpful tips while browsing Pinterest that immediately struck a chord with me.  Many of these helpful hints, I have already figured out myself due to trial and error, but I thought today I would give you all some helpful hints in case you, like me, are a struggling artist of the self-photographic type. camera remote Tip 1:  Get yourself a camera remote.  This was one of the first things I got when I started taking outfit photos of myself.  I found mine on ebay, and it was an import from China.  Maybe not the best quality, but it only cost me a couple of dollars, and at the time it was a great place to start.  If you are going to continue taking outfit photos of yourself, might I suggest spending a few dollars more and getting one that isn’t the cheapest you can find, because in my experience you get what you pay for. my best sideTip 2:  Learn which side is your good side.  Girls most always have this already figured out.  I know I did.  I learned this years ago because my guy was a photography student, and it didn’t take me long before I realized which side of mine looked the worst in his pictures.  The tricky part is trying not to have all of your pictures look like you are standing exactly the same way.  I have encountered this problem a time, or twenty, myself. thrifted fashion Tip 3:  A smile goes a long way.  This may or may not be relevant to you.  I gave up going for that mysterious look long ago.  Photography student boyfriend, remember?  There are very few photos of me that look okay without a smile.  Once I started smiling in the photos that people would take, I started liking more of my pictures.  Problem solved.  I will most always be smiling in my pictures.  Me and smile-less photos just don’t work. the camera adds ten pounds Tip 4:  Sometimes the camera does add ten pounds, or more.  It is all about the posing.  This will take some practice to get the hang of, but once you get a couple of poses that work for you, you can try and vary them up a little.  And it wouldn’t hurt to practice while in front of a mirror.  I admit, I am not really a posing kind of girl, so this is definitely one of  my self-photography obstacles.  I should take my own advice and get some practice with a mirror in front of me. Whites of the eyes Tip 5:  Don’t let them see the whites of your eyes.  A photo looking off to the side can give a nice feeling to a photo; however, once the whites of the eyes are all you see, it looses that serene, tranquil feeling.  Now, you just look crazy.  I sometimes remedy this with a pair of sunglasses.  They help when it is really hot out, or when I am feeling that I look less than my best.  An added bonus to the sunglasses, no worry of any eye movements or squinting that may end up ruining the picture. have fun edit Tip 6:  Have fun.  Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.  I feel kind of silly standing in front of a tripod with no one around, taking pictures of myself, but when I think about it, it makes me laugh, which produces a smile, which can make for a pretty nice, almost candid picture. Should you find yourself in front of a tripod with no one around, maybe some of these tips will help you to get that perfect picture for your blog outfit post, or whatever the case may be.  I by all means am no where near where I want to be as a photographer, but I have learned a few things by trial and error, and sure enough, they go with some of what I have read pertaining to the subject at hand.  If you have any tips of your own, please let me know.  I would love your feedback on this one.

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    1. That is part of why I like taking my own pictures. I kind of feel a little camera shy when someone else is behind the lens. I am glad you liked the post. Thanks for your comment.

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