Lazy No More

No, not me.  I can’t even say the L-A-Z-Y word anymore.  If you remember, I was only being lazy with my yard work, and I did it, I finally got outside and pulled weeds.  It happened on Tuesday, shortly after I published my last post.  I knew it needed to be done, so I dragged the boy outside and we got to work.  I should say, I got to work.  He tried and tried to come up with excuses so that he would NOT have to pull weeds, but they didn’t work.  At least we didn’t have that many to do.  I was mostly concerned with what was growing around my blueberry bushes, and I only have six of those, so it didn’t take long at all.IMG_0828

To make sure I got my fill of yard work and vitamin D, the boy and I made our way to the family vineyard on Wednesday to do some out there.  There is still more to do, so a good part of Friday will be spent in the sun, working on a farmer’s tan and tending to vines.  Lazy no more for sure!


The rest of the week wasn’t just about work.  There was a little tiredness, some frustrations, and a good amount of fun.  I have been staying up later than my usual this past week, and come 3pm, I can sure tell I haven’t been getting my regular 7 hours of sleep.  I admit to making an impulse Red Bull purchase while out at Wal Mart one afternoon.  I can’t tell that it helped, but I went about my day just fine without that nap I thought I so needed.


The frustration of the week came from this here blog.  I am trying to search out a new theme, as you may have noticed, and had the hardest time getting my header image to display how I wanted it to.  I even have a nice little rant of a post sitting in my drafts folder that may or may not get published.  (It won’t get published.)  My guy came to my rescue when nothing else would work, and honed in on the problem.  It’s WordPress’s problem not mine.  So for the time being, my frustrations are at bay and I am still searching template options, and possibly even a new platform.  Self-hosting is something I have wanted to do for years now; maybe this summer will be the summer for that.  I do have the time now to work on this.


And the fun part of the week: a summer field trip to tour the Nissan Plant that is just out of Nashville.  Touring an automobile factory makes a great outing.  We had a very nice time and made the trip with my dear friend and the cousins.  We almost made a full day of it – a mall shopping trip and lunch were included.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to be able to take photos.  Photography, cell phones, and such were not allowed at all so this is the best photo I got from the place.

I made it home just in time to make my regular Thursday evening trip to the gym, minus my usual Hiit class though.  It was unexpected since I was sure I wouldn’t be home before dinnertime, and I am very happy with the unplanned workout that I got in for the day – making four great days at the gym so far this week.  (Another reason for the tiredness, you think?)


Now, I am taking a breather and getting ready to finish the week off with the rest of that yard work and a little bit of cleaning.  Cleaning is just like the yard work, it never seems to go away.

That’s it from me.  Hope everyone has a great Friday, and a fun weekend!

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