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Where Did My Real Clothes Go?

high waisted skirt

It is summer, well not according to the calendar, but according to everything else, it is.  I have spent the last week and a half enjoying every minute of it, and maybe even being a bit lazy.  Lazy in the outfit department that is, because I most definitely have not been lazy with anything else – except pulling the weeds in my yard.  I will admit to being lazy about that.

simple style

My regular wardrobe does consist of quite a few hand-mades, as you all got to see for the whole month of May, but in addition to things that I have made, I have even more that I have not.  All of which have been locked up in the closet for the last month or so.  The first day after Me-Made-May, you may have thought I would have been all ready to jump into my closet and start wearing some of those neglected items of clothing.  Well, I haven’t.  Remember, I have been lazy in the outfit department.  Lately, my day to day has consisted of house pants, tank tops, shorts, and gym clothes – nothing blog worthy, and not my usual.  It’s been boring around here, guys.

Cato skirt

A little something that is blog worthy, perhaps, I wore a couple of days before Me-Made-May, and I never gave it a proper post.  This is a nice little reminder to myself that, yes, I do have real clothes in my closet.  So enough of the house pants and shorts, Erika.  Get in that closet and get to wearing the nice stuff.

Details: Skirt & Necklace – Cato (thank you, Mom) || Shirt – Mudd || Shoes – Doc Martens

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