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A Start at Beekeeping

The bees are already out.  I stepped on one a couple of weeks ago.  I felt really bad about this afterwards but it wasn’t until my foot was at the point of stomping that I even realized it was a bee.  My bug mentality has been to kill […]

State of the Vines

It’s almost that time, time for muscadine harvest.  The vines are looking great this season.  They’ve grown so much that I think we are gonna have to do something about all that growth before we can even pick.  I took these pics a week and a half ago, […]

The 28th Friday of 2017

I interrupt my weekly house cleaning and laundry session to bring you this week’s Friday post.  How is everyone?  Couldn’t be better over here.  Well, I guess it could be better if it were later in the day and all that house work I am in the middle […]

The 27th Friday of 2017

It was another busy week.  I felt like I wasn’t home much, once again.  If I had a whole week at home, I wonder what I would even do.  This week started off in the sun, and on the road, but I did manage to make a dress. […]

Things Growing in My Yard

It’s nice and rainy in West Tennessee this Thursday afternoon.  How is the weather where you are?  I went out walking around the yard the other day and was surprised to see that I had flowers growing in my backyard.  And there were so many!  I planted black-eyed […]