I Don’t Really Have a Thing for Sunflowers…

Or, maybe I do.  Lately it would seem like it anyway.  It all started last week as I was driving home from Jackson.  Finally, I made it past the sunflower field while there were still sunflowers to be seen.  Lately, I don’t make my way to Jackson via this route, so I had forgotten about these beauties that were growing just out of town.

I stopped and happily made my way through the semi tall grass taking as many pictures as I could before I started to sweat.  So many sunflowers!  Although, I think there have been more planted in years past.

My boy, who was patiently waiting in the air conditioned parked car, was probably getting tired of waiting by now; so I finished up, but then saw a sign that said help yourself with a couple sets of pruners up against it.  I had to go back and find the very best sunflower to bring home with me.

Apparently with sunflowers on my mind, I chose to wear my one and only Lindy Bop, sunflower dress this Monday.  I knew I may or may not be finding myself some more sunflowers while in Nashville with my boy.  Guess what?  We found sunflowers!

A whole wall of them, and how perfectly did I match this wall?

Pretty well, if I say so myself.

This time, my boy was the one patiently taking the pictures, and we made half a day of looking for wall murals around the city.  I think it’s safe to say you all have seen the last of sunflowers from me for now, but not the last of the wall murals, or this dress.  Stay tuned…