I interrupt my weekly house cleaning and laundry session to bring you this week’s Friday post.  How is everyone?  Couldn’t be better over here.  Well, I guess it could be better if it were later in the day and all that house work I am in the middle of was done.  But it’s not, so no need thinking about the what if.  It was a fast week for me, how about anyone else?

A few of the highlights from this week:

Last Sunday’s trip to Lynchburg.  It was a great day and I am saving the details of it for a blog post all of its own.  No need to worry about when that will happen either, because it won’t be long before I get that one up.  I am uploading the pics to my fully functioning computer this very day.  Expect that post sometime next week for sure, unless said fully functioning computer goes kaput; in which case I will drag out the old lap top and proceed from there.

My boy is driving, really driving all by himself.  He finished the last of his driving time for driver’s ed this week and has not needed me for a ride once to work the last seven days.  As I write this post he is on his way to town to dump trash, go to the gym, and find a mechanic to put in a leveling kit for his truck.  There may have been a few tears from me because of this newest milestone in my boy’s life.  He really drove just like this yesterday it seems.

I finally got to some yard work this week.  It was so overdue.  There was a bunny living in the weeds.  Also in the weeds, a snake.  And weeds there were!  I spent some time dealing with a bunch of thorny things.  One of the thorny bushes was determined to be a Tropical Soda Apple plant, and then there was a dead rose bush.  At the time I was sure I would never plant another rose bush again.  But now that the scratches on my arms from the thorns have faded away, I reckon a few more rose bushes to replace the dead one wouldn’t be so bad after all…

It’s not August yet and I was sure I wouldn’t even think of school until then, but this week I did some stuff for the upcoming school year.  Some of my fellow teachers even had our first school meeting for this upcoming year.  It’s getting close, unfortunately.  After the school meeting I quickly got my mind back on to summer when I stopped at a local patch of sunflowers.  I really like sunflower fields, and even though this bunch was smaller this summer than it has been, I still enjoyed walking through it and taking pictures.  I have plenty flowers pics for a photo post to come.

In home tech news, we upgraded our thermostat.  Just what you all wanted to read about, right?  My guy is all about the latest and greatest when it comes to tech so we couldn’t just leave this neat little thing behind on the clearance rack as we were making our weekly rounds through the aisles at Wal-Mart.  It took a bit of time to install, but my guy did it and now we can control our home temp even when we are away.  And I’ve noticed that the temperature throughout the house is a bit more consistent with the extra sensor it came with.  I wasn’t a fan at first, but that is just because it took a few tries for my guy to get the wiring right.  Once the cold air came back, I was happy.

In sewing news, I didn’t do any.  I started to piece together my PDF for this week’s Monthly Stitch theme of ‘New to Me’, but I didn’t get it all done with time to still make something before the deadline.  I still need to cut the paper out and then cut the material.  I will be working on it and it’s a goal to have it finished before the summer break is over.  I think I’d have it done Sunday if it weren’t for a housewarming party that I am attending or for the elderberry syrup that I have to make.  It will get done though.  I am anxious to make it.  It’s a cardigan and since I haven’t set aside enough time to really take up knitting, sewing a cardigan will be the next best thing.  Also, tops are much quicker to make than dresses, and I don’t expect it will be that hard.

Whatever I do with the rest of my summer break, sewing etc., I have about a month left before this year’s muscadine harvest.  And it’s looking like there is gonna be a pretty nice harvest.  Some rows you can barely even walk through!

That is all from me for this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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