Thistles and Butterflies

I’d say good morning, but it is already afternoon, so how about a good afternoon instead.  My day is off to a great start.  Many of my friends are on the beach this week though, and I can’t help but have a little part of me wishing I was there too, soaking up the sun while lounging about the seaside.  Instead, I’m here in my regular locale, teaching school and trying really hard not to let myself scratch any of the bug bites currently bothering me this very minute.  I’ve got a lot of them this summer.  I guess it just comes with the territory of being outdoors this time of the year.

Thistles and Butterflies 3

I’ve got a few more flower pictures to post for today.  For a split second I couldn’t remember what it was I usually like to post on Monday’s, it’s been so long, then it immediately dawned on me, it’s Me-Made-Monday.  Since I don’t have any pictures of my most recent make ready to go up just yet, I will make do with more pictures of another one of my favorite summer flowers.

Thistles and Butterflies2

I just love how all three of my favorite flowers are weeds.  It makes it really easy for me to enjoy them.  I don’t have to put in any work to get them to grow, and I don’t have to drive far to see more than enough.  As much as I drive, it’s sometimes as if I am surrounded by them.  Fields with thistles and Queen Anne’s Lace are everywhere!  The passion flowers (like the one from the other night), however, are a little harder to come by.  They are mostly intertwined amongst other weeds just out of drive-by sight.

Thistles and Butterflies

I’ve got thistles to show today.  They are so pretty, and right now, so many that I see are covered with butterflies, which make for some great photos if you have the time to stop and take a few pictures.  I had some time to stop and take more than just a few, and a couple even came out alright.  I hope you all enjoy them.

Any other wildflower lovers out there?  What is your favorite flower this time of the year?