Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks 41 – 45

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Another month later and I am struggling this time to get any of those neglected dresses worn.  This little challenge of mine is way passed the half way mark, and I am starting to see I might be in trouble.  Just like it was for me when I was saving my shoes, I tend to wear my favorite dresses way more than anything else.

In five weeks time, I thought for sure I would have worn more than this.  I panicked today and immediately went through my closet.  I picked out a few dresses that I know for sure I won’t ever wear, and then there were a few that I can’t really count as dresses, as there is no way I would wear them without pants or leggings of some sort.  I think I can breathe a small sigh of relief now though, and after going through my pictures I think I am moving along alright.  If I make sure to plan my daily outfit choices, I should have no trouble getting to keep what is left on the dress side of my closet come the end of October.

So, here is the recap of what I’ve been wearing lately:


Dress 54:  A me made from a couple of summers back.  I think this is the third time I have worn it.


Dress 55 – Maurice’s.  I never really like this dress on me once I have worn it all day.  I think it is going in the too get rid of pile.


Dress 56 – The Vintage Poppy dress I made in June.  This was the first time I wore it and I am still very happy with this second Emery dress of mine.


Dress 57 – New York & Company.  Every time I wear a knit dress such as this, it makes me want to try my hand at sewing one of those Moneta or Lady Skater dresses I keep seeing around the sewing blogosphere.


Dress 58 – The Mini Cooper dress.  My newest make, yet to be blogged about except for showing up a time or two as a what I wore pic.


Dress 59 – I love plaid, and therefore I love this dress.  It’s from Hot Topic circa 2006, maybe even 2005.  Side note, I took this picture using my iPhone camera app remote.  I was trying to see that I was in focus when I heard the timer about to go off.  Oh, and for once I am wearing a different pair of shoes.  New flats, finally!


Dress 60 – Lastly for the round up, this Apt 9 dress from Kohl’s.  At around $12 on super clearance, I am okay with the fit being a little looser than I would like.  A lace shirt on top makes up for it.  PS – Notice my pair of scissors necklace?  My niece had just given it to me, I like it so much, so you’re sure to be seeing more of it in outfit posts to come.

That is all for today.  I have high hopes of keeping these posts consistent for the remainder of the challenge.  I have about seven weeks or so left.  I really want it to cool off soon.  I have lots of black dresses and velvety warm ones as well…

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