All I needed was to get back to my regular schedule.  Teaching school is my regular schedule.  Having a Saturday evening to myself, as my guys play the newest XBOX Madden game is part of this regular schedule.  All is good in my neck of the woods.  I desperately wanted to get this post up yesterday for a properly titled Photo Friday, but alas, after grape picking (muscadine grapes that is), wine making, and house cleaning, I found no time to get my photos uploaded before dinner was made and the evening was come.  So today will have to do.  It’s not every week I get a post out on a Saturday night, but then again, it’s not every Saturday night I find myself in front of the computer.

Like I said, I just needed my regularly scheduled life to show up, and now my blogging mojo is back.  I have already spent time browsing Photoshop Actions and contemplating my blog theme. Yes, I am over due for a bit of a face lift in the blog department.  And after trying to resize my photo for tonight, I realized that this theme’s photo parameters just will not do.  My passion flower needs way more than just 624 pixels to show off its beauty.  (No Photoshop Action needed by the way.)


My absolute favorite flower, a passion flower, and I happily found it blooming in the ditch earlier this week as I was walking the dog.  So yesterday, Friday, after picking grapes and starting 15 gallons of wine, I quickly walked over to the edge of the vineyard and got a few pics of one that was growing before the rain started to pour.  I just love this flower and thought I would share a picture with you all this Saturday night.

3 Replies to “Back Into the Blogging Groove”

  1. Wow. Gorgeous photo.
    School starts back for us tomorrow. I’m looking forward to having some time to sew after the kids are in bed.


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