A very big good morning to you all!  I am home today, the whole day, and couldn’t be happier about it.  (The whole day until gym time anyway, but that is way into this day’s future so I’ve got a good many hours here to catch up.)  The first week of school is off to a great start.  The work isn’t too hard my boy says, but he’s not a fan of journalism.  I thought for sure it would be the Spanish class that he would be complaining about, but I guess I was wrong.  Tenth grade, it sounds unreal, what sounds even more unreal is to say he has three years left of high school.  Three years left!  I can’t even believe it.  I promise it was his first day of school yesterday… It sure felt like it anyway.school time 05


There’s a lot going on with me and most of it involves the muscadine farm and harvesting.  So far, 36 gallons have been picked and our harvest started on August 12th.  By the end of the season last year, I ended up having picked 29 gallons so I’d say things are going well with that.  I have plans to make 15 gallons of wine tomorrow, my biggest batch yet.  I am looking forward to it, and I am excited to get to use my new fermenting container.  Isn’t it so neat looking!  It holds over 15 gallons of liquid, I’ve officially stepped up my wine making game.



In other news, I have a new dress that I managed to eek out the week before school started.  I haven’t gotten any proper outfit photos yet, just this quick snap my guy took so that I could post it on Instagram.  I’d like to get some pictures somewhere other than my back deck for this one, and preferably with a four-wheeled prop in the background.  Unfortunately, in the ‘prop’ department, my Mini has been acting up a bit.  My engine light keeps coming on and when it does, it puts the car in a low power mode.  The weird thing is that in the three times it has happened, once I turn the car off and back on again, the light goes away and full power is restored.  This problem is not consistent, and I’m hoping for a faulty sensor, but either way something is up.  Making a trip to the Mini hospital is in order at some point.  Maybe Ikea will be open in Memphis by then.  Just trying to look on the bright side, a trip to Memphis for car troubles is never something I like to do.


There you have the 411 of my life this week.  I must be going, I have the whole day at home and lots to do that doesn’t involve being on the computer.  Have a great one, everybody!


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