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The 9th Friday of 2017

I just accidentally wrote “2016” in my title.  Good thing I caught it before I hit publish.  It still feels like it has to be 2016.  This year can’t be going by this fast, but it is.  Too fast!!!  March, already.  It almost seems unreal.  It does to […]

I Washed My Car for This

The main reason I haven’t gotten a proper blog post up for my Mini Cooper dress is because I have had a very dirty car.  How could I possibly take pictures of this dress without its inspiration in the background?  I couldn’t.  Finally this weekend I washed my […]

Happy at Home

A very big good morning to you all!  I am home today, the whole day, and couldn’t be happier about it.  (The whole day until gym time anyway, but that is way into this day’s future so I’ve got a good many hours here to catch up.)  The […]

This Week…

I ended last week finding out that something was wrong with my car, so this week was pretty much all about that.  Any type of car trouble is stressful for me, and especially when waiting is involved.  Also, dealing with insurance companies takes the stress level up just […]

Fall is Here

Yup, it sure is fall if you didn’t already know. Even though the days have been nice and warm still, the evenings have begun to cool off and I always love it when that happens. The first week of fall was a very busy one for me, hence […]

Thursday Was My Friday

I treated today like Friday.  I had so much to do around my house it just couldn’t wait until tomorrow.  By doing this, hopefully, tomorrow will find me taking it slow and enjoying some time away from all of the things I would normally be doing on a […]