On the Road

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to drive anywhere!  One thing that I quite enjoy when traveling to big cities is the use of public transportation.  Buses, trains, subways, and a good old fashioned foot mobile!  We have been to several places that are bigger than the places we live near to now, and finding a ride is never a problem.  (I may only be thinking this way after having driven 400 plus miles in one week, or because I ALWAYS seem to drive 400 plus miles in one week! – Well, not quite, but almost.

We have the car to prove that we’ve been somewhere.  When we first moved to Tennessee we had less than 20,000 miles on our number one car.  Now, just around eight years later, we are at a big ole 230,000 miles plus!  Where did the miles go?  But where have we been?

I do like to drive, so I don’t know why I am complaining.  I am still anxiously awaiting that longed for road trip that we seriously want to take.  And the funny thing is this long awaited road trip hasn’t really happened in any of our vehicles.  (Moving across the country doesn’t count as a road trip, and we did drive from NM to Florida that one time but it was before the 2o,000 miles so it doesn’t count.)  In eight years time, we’ve driven to Florida, twice, but in a rented car both times.  And my fairly new Mini, hasn’t even left the state!  So really, where have the miles gone?

Oh, yeah, exploring!  That is what we do.  And not the far and away type of exploring, but the near and the close by exploring.  (Near and close by almost always is a 30 plus mile trip.) I guess it is really nice to live smack in the middle of two major cities.  Which direction will I take today?  And what about tomorrow?

The public transportation would be great to have, if you live close to where you go.  But, a wearing out, nice car is the way to go when you live where I do – 30 plus miles from anything, and Wal-mart doesn’t count.  I guess there is no going green with my driving habits.  I am just gonna keep racking up the miles until the cash can’t pay for the gas – which isn’t too far away, so I better get on the road some more.  Perhaps, expand the boundaries…

Just curious, how many miles do people usually drive in a week?

9 Replies to “On the Road”

  1. You have the most adorable car! Since we moved to NYC, I don’t drive at all, and I’ve found that I miss it! Not the traffic, of course, but I missed having that quiet time to think that was all mine. Although, I might not feel that way if I had to drive as much as you do! 😉


  2. I drive 75 miles each day at least five times a week, sometimes six. Most of my driving is to and from work. I wish it were more of an adventure. Love the picture of your mini.


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