Travel Theme: Foliage

My 100th post!  I am surprised by how fast this number came up!  It took just a few months shy of one year to get here and here I am.  I officially became a regular blog writer last December, and at first, I had a goal of one post a week.  I have kept to it and have even added some.  (Now it seems at least three a week is the norm.)  This blog was originally intended for family vacations and travels and I was diligent to keep up with those – as few as they were – but as time passed and the vacations were not as regular as I would have liked, I was left with a blog lacking posts.  My travel blog became my me blog.  I have spent some time thinking of a niche, but I haven’t come up with anything yet…  So, as of now, my blog is what it is and it is working thus far.

I spent some time thinking of the perfect post for my 100th, but the week has not given me any ideas.  Feeling a little under the weather and caring for a recently spayed puppy has left me uninspired for the time being.  I do have a post today, not Freshly Pressed worthy, but something, nonetheless!

The Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress came out a little late this week, and in the mean time I got invited to take part in a similar post over at  The theme over there for the week is foliage.

I love this time of year, and happen to have lots of photos of foliage.  When the leaves start to change, my guy and I like to get our cameras out and go for walks in the State Park to take pictures of all the beautiful colors.  It is just a little too soon for the best colors of the season over here in West TN, but I have lots of pictures from years before for this post.  I will stick with two pics for today.

I love that traveling ten minutes in any direction from where I live leads me to scenes like these.  It is a beautiful time of year!  Oh, and I will start working on my 200th post, asap!

11 Replies to “Travel Theme: Foliage”

  1. Happy 100!! 😀 That first shot, especially, is beautiful. I love the perspective, and it makes me covet a cup of cider. (And because the vet in me can’t resist- bonus karma points for having a li’l pup spayed!)


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