Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Happy is the theme for the photo challenge this week, easy!  Thinking of and photographing things that make me happy is something I always do, so coming up with the pictures was a snap.  However, this week there was a call to try something new with displaying the images.  WordPress has new tiled galleries, and I thought I would give it a try.

*This may be the part of the post that doesn’t make me happy – trying to figure out how to manually put this post in tiled gallery form…

There you have it, some of the things that make me happy!  And surprise, surprise, figuring out the new format for a tiled gallery was super easy and made me happy as well!

Just a note for any who give it a try, after you have all of your pics added, change to visual format and delete them underneath the gallery photo or else you will have a duplicate pic underneath the mosaic on the post.  And it may be helpful to know that you cannot go back and change your captions.

Many thanks to WordPress, I will be using this format again!

Feel free to click any image and have a nice gallery show of the pictures in full size.  😉

8 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy”

  1. This is so great- especially love the dancing feet! (As an aside, I’m impressed that you were able to figure out the manual tiled gallery… I seem to lack the Gen X technology gene.)


    1. Thanks! I was pretty happy with myself figuring out the gallery. At first, I thought I was gonna have to ask my hubby, and since his job is computers, he is never too excited to come home to have to help me figure something out having to do with the computer. I did read through the comment section on the gallery post, so that pretty much solved any problem I thought I might have ended up with. 😉


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