Fall is Here


Yup, it sure is fall if you didn’t already know. Even though the days have been nice and warm still, the evenings have begun to cool off and I always love it when that happens. The first week of fall was a very busy one for me, hence the lack of blog presence. I’ve been traveling some the last couple of weeks and still have two more weeks of it to go. When I say traveling, I am only talking about one day out of the week, but when you are a full time teacher, mom, housekeeper, cook, and everything else that I am, that one day on the road makes everything else get behind.

My reason for traveling this week was car related and I am happy to say it all went well.  It seems more often than not something always goes wrong for me when my car is in the shop.  Especially at the Mini dealer.  They’ve misplaced my car not one, but three times!  Can you believe that!  At the dealer!  And they are supposed to have their act together there.  Well, no misplaced Mini this time and since it was recall related and a pretty minimal issue, I got my keys back and drove away without any warning lights coming on.  Whew!  Now just keep those armadillos away from me and I’ll be motoring on just fine.  (An armadillo cased my Mini some minor damage not too long ago.  I now have a new reason to dislike them!)

Not my Mini, but a pretty nice, shiny, and new one that was parked at the dealer.

Moving on.  The rest of my week pretty much consisted of school work, which we are still doing now.  As my boy is working on his English corrections, I thought to squeeze a few minutes in on the blog.  (I do still like to get a post up on Friday, even if it is just to talk about the weather and my car.)  We have our first field trip coming up next week and we are working hard to be able to have the whole day free from work.  And, as always is the case, I have no shortage of papers that need to be graded.  Only thirty more weeks of this left to go…  No, really, I am very happy with all the school that we do, and I wish that the time wouldn’t be flying by so fast.  Once this year is over, I will have a high schooler.  How the last thirteen years of my life have flown by so fast is a daily mystery to me…

Let me wrap it up here.  It’s the first weekend of bow hunting in these parts, so I also have some camo colored clothes for my guy and the boy that need to be found – good thing I cleaned my closet a couple of weeks ago.  Looks like there will be more laundry in my near future… Such is my life, but it’s a good one!  I am absolutely loving every minute of it.

fall mushroom

Have a wonderful fall weekend, everyone.

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