The Thursday Thrift // Jewelry

statement outfit

handmade statement necklace

It is, once again, time for my biweekly Thursday Thrift post, and I remembered.  I almost didn’t.  I got my photos taken last weekend and really felt good about how ahead with my blog post I was gonna be, almost two weeks early with a post sitting in my queue, and then I realized it was already going to be the first Thursday of the month.  There were five Tuesdays in September, but not five Thursdays as I had originally thought.  Okay, so here it is, this week’s Thursday Thrift post, a day early.

Today I am talking about jewelry, and even though it is brand new, it is most definitely worthy of being tagged for the #ThursdayThrift.  Let me tell you about it.

Several weeks back, as I occasionally do, I happily left a comment on a fellow blogger’s post, but this was no ordinary post.  It was a giveaway post for some beautiful handmade, re-purposed, vintage bead jewelry.  The old beads were given new life and became what you see here.

beautiful objects jewelry

Pretty, huh?  Even though I was not particularly fond of the gold chain, I don’t really like gold jewelry, I loved the necklace and the shape of the earrings so I threw my comments in for a chance to win.  Guess what?  I won.  And, I love the jewelry, gold color and all.

I don’t wear standout pieces of jewelry, but there is a first time for lots of things, and I thought these pieces went well with my Hip to be Square dress – or as I have previously referred to it as April’s dress.  I stepped out of my fashion comfort zone a little by wearing red and gold accessories, and also by pairing dangly earrings with a statement necklace.  I think it was a good choice, and I will happily wear them together again.

As far as thrifting goes, re-purposed vintage will do just fine over here on the Thursday Thrift, and a big thank you to Nicole from Beautiful Objects for making such a wonderful set of jewelry.

Anything thrifted, or re-purposed, on your blog?  Leave me a link, and/or tag it with #ThursdayThrift here on so that I can find it.

As always, happy thrifting, or re-purposing if you prefer.  🙂

*Details:  Dress – Hip to be Square (Simplicity 1803, blogged here) || Necklace – Beautiful Objects (similar here) || Shoes – Route 66 || Belt – thrifted

*Linking up with:  Simple Sequins, and Passion for Fashion


7 thoughts on “The Thursday Thrift // Jewelry

  1. Oh, Erika, the necklace is perfect with that dress! LOVE that dress. So glad you like the jewelry. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. hi DM Girl! Thanks for all of your attention on IG! This dress I swear is just like a dress my mom wore when I was a kid. It looks fabulous on you!! I love the punch with the necklace. Styled perfectly. Thanks for joining Fashion ITEM Friday, too. ♥, Renae

    1. Hi Erika. That dress is beautiful and so is the statement necklace – which was a perfect match for it. I always appreciate bloggers who look great with their thrifted goods, also.

      Thanks for joining Renae and I for FIF this past Friday. I welcome you to check out my blog as well. Hopefully we can follow and support one-another. Thanks & Happy Sunday, Ada. =)

      1. Thanks for stopping by! I am so happy you like the way the two look together. I couldn’t resist wearing them with each other. 😉 It is my pleasure to be a part of FIF; I always enjoy coming across new blogs to follow and get inspiration from.

  3. That necklace goes perfectly with the dress! (When I just saw the title I thought it was the dress that was thrifted, and was thinking how thrilled I’d be to find a dress like that when thrifting! But of course it’s one of the beautiful ones you’ve made.)

    1. Ah, thank you! I am happy you like the necklace pairing, and the dress. It would be pretty awesome to find a dress like this at a thrift store though. I know I’d buy it. 😉

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