The Thursday Thrift // Jewelry

statement outfit

handmade statement necklace

It is, once again, time for my biweekly Thursday Thrift post, and I remembered.  I almost didn’t.  I got my photos taken last weekend and really felt good about how ahead with my blog post I was gonna be, almost two weeks early with a post sitting in my queue, and then I realized it was already going to be the first Thursday of the month.  There were five Tuesdays in September, but not five Thursdays as I had originally thought.  Okay, so here it is, this week’s Thursday Thrift post, a day early.

Today I am talking about jewelry, and even though it is brand new, it is most definitely worthy of being tagged for the #ThursdayThrift.  Let me tell you about it.

Several weeks back, as I occasionally do, I happily left a comment on a fellow blogger’s post, but this was no ordinary post.  It was a giveaway post for some beautiful handmade, re-purposed, vintage bead jewelry.  The old beads were given new life and became what you see here.

beautiful objects jewelry

Pretty, huh?  Even though I was not particularly fond of the gold chain, I don’t really like gold jewelry, I loved the necklace and the shape of the earrings so I threw my comments in for a chance to win.  Guess what?  I won.  And, I love the jewelry, gold color and all.

I don’t wear standout pieces of jewelry, but there is a first time for lots of things, and I thought these pieces went well with my Hip to be Square dress – or as I have previously referred to it as April’s dress.  I stepped out of my fashion comfort zone a little by wearing red and gold accessories, and also by pairing dangly earrings with a statement necklace.  I think it was a good choice, and I will happily wear them together again.

As far as thrifting goes, re-purposed vintage will do just fine over here on the Thursday Thrift, and a big thank you to Nicole from Beautiful Objects for making such a wonderful set of jewelry.

Anything thrifted, or re-purposed, on your blog?  Leave me a link, and/or tag it with #ThursdayThrift here on so that I can find it.

As always, happy thrifting, or re-purposing if you prefer.  🙂

*Details:  Dress – Hip to be Square (Simplicity 1803, blogged here) || Necklace – Beautiful Objects (similar here) || Shoes – Route 66 || Belt – thrifted

*Linking up with:  Simple Sequins, and Passion for Fashion

7 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift // Jewelry”

  1. hi DM Girl! Thanks for all of your attention on IG! This dress I swear is just like a dress my mom wore when I was a kid. It looks fabulous on you!! I love the punch with the necklace. Styled perfectly. Thanks for joining Fashion ITEM Friday, too. ♥, Renae


    1. Hi Erika. That dress is beautiful and so is the statement necklace – which was a perfect match for it. I always appreciate bloggers who look great with their thrifted goods, also.

      Thanks for joining Renae and I for FIF this past Friday. I welcome you to check out my blog as well. Hopefully we can follow and support one-another. Thanks & Happy Sunday, Ada. =)


      1. Thanks for stopping by! I am so happy you like the way the two look together. I couldn’t resist wearing them with each other. 😉 It is my pleasure to be a part of FIF; I always enjoy coming across new blogs to follow and get inspiration from.


  2. That necklace goes perfectly with the dress! (When I just saw the title I thought it was the dress that was thrifted, and was thinking how thrilled I’d be to find a dress like that when thrifting! But of course it’s one of the beautiful ones you’ve made.)


    1. Ah, thank you! I am happy you like the necklace pairing, and the dress. It would be pretty awesome to find a dress like this at a thrift store though. I know I’d buy it. 😉


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