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A Walk up to Clingman’s Dome

Hello, hello!  It is a bright and early Monday morning for me, how about you?  And about this time last Monday, we were driving up a mountain.  We had the chance to take a short little trip to the Smoky Mountains last weekend and had a great time […]

Fall is Here

Yup, it sure is fall if you didn’t already know. Even though the days have been nice and warm still, the evenings have begun to cool off and I always love it when that happens. The first week of fall was a very busy one for me, hence […]

Between the Grass and the Grapes

Two Mondays in a row and I have no new clothes in my closet (except that black and white striped shirt that I bought last week. It was only three dollars, how could I pass it by?). Well, no new clothes of the homemade sort anyway. Sorry for […]

A Nature Walk

When it finally decided to start warming up, it was towards the end of last week, a day outside was in order.  It had been cold up until last Thursday.  There was wind, rain, and even snow – nothing that stuck, but still it was snowing last Tuesday!  […]

Friday Morning Thoughts

Good morning Friday!  It finally got cold, the temperatures have been slowly making their way into the thirties, and this morning, it finally happened, a brisk 33 degrees when I woke up, brr!  No problems, this was what I was waiting for, now the sweaters, tights, and all […]

A Summer Sunday

Looks like time at the lake is gonna be happening a lot more than usual this year.  We had our first ‘lake day’ this last weekend and there are two more already being planned.  Lake days are great, but then it usually takes us a few days to […]