Three Things…

Every blogger has a ‘Top’ list blog post and as I was logging in to wordpress this evening I thought, I should write one of those posts too.  It should be easy enough…  Hmm, most would have a ‘top ten’ list of something but since I am going to make my list about living in TN, I think three things easily come to mind.  Not ten, not even five, but three.  Kind of short I know, but I do want my post to be read and it did take a while for me to get to where I am okay with not living in New Mexico.

This July my family and I will have been living in Tennessee for eight years.  It really only seems half that long, time does go by so fast!  When we first moved here, I knew for sure I would not like it.  In fact, I did not like it!  It was too far away from New Mexico and everything was so different.  The hazy, hot and humid weather, and the possibility for major tornadoes did not sit well with me either.  But hey, it was somewhere different and why not try something drastic, pack everything up and move a thousand plus miles away just to say we did it.  Well we did, and here we are, still. 

So here is my list – in no particular order – of the three things that come to mind first about living in Tennessee:

1. People.  The people here are so much friendlier than in New Mexico.  Everyone has a story and no matter what it is, they want you to know about it.  I am not naturally a person who talks much to those I don’t know, in fact I don’t usually at all, but here, everyone talks to me and they would never know I don’t have much to say, cause they tend to say it all!

2.  I am surprised to say this one, the weather.  When I moved I knew I wanted nothing to do with severe weather, who does, though?  I don’t want to say I was ‘afraid’ of tornadoes, but they were definitely on some kind of list I had!  I wasn’t too fond of thunderstorms either.  The first summer here I slept well only if I knew that the stars were out before I went to bed, and I checked for them every night!  The weather here though, has become something I kind of like now.  Since we have been here, I really like thunderstorms and with the exception of the hot, humid summer, I really like the other three seasons of the year.  (I don’t think I will ever like the humidity, or the hot nights that don’t cool down, or the tornadoes, but that would be another list for another day.) Really, though, three great seasons out of four is wonderful weather to me!  

3.  And last on my list of three are all of the things that grow here.  This is more recently something that I am starting to enjoy.  I love the fall leaves changing and the spring flowers blooming!  And I really like this new found interest of planting and watching things grow.  I find myself looking forward to the morning when I can go outside and dig around in the dirt!

So, eight years into our life in TN and I like it here.  It took a little time but I am happy where we are right now.  And I probably wouldn’t have to try too hard to come up with five things, or even a list of ten!

2 Replies to “Three Things…”

  1. I also like to dig around in the dirt, the last picture is a plant that a lady told me about ( in one of those long conversations you are talking about), the seed pods are high in Vit C, so every time I see this plant while I am digging, I pluck some seed pods and eat them, the taste lemony, and tart. you should try them.


    1. Thank you for the input on the plant to taste. I now remember that the boy has told me before they are good for you cause they have vitamin C. I will try it, there is plenty in the yard!


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