Sunday in Pictures

Today I woke up with two ideas.  One, was to have some donuts for breakfast and two, was to document my day in pictures.  Since my guy was on board with the donut idea,  immediately upon getting out of bed, I got ready and headed to town for some donuts.

I don’t know if they were in fact, the ‘best donuts’ but they were pretty good for a small town with no Krispy Kreme around.  Luckily, there did end up being one left for the boy to wake up to Monday morning.  That is if my guy or I don’t have the urge for a midnight snack…

After breakfast and after checking emails, facebook, and all the other things that have updates on my phone, I got my guy outside with me for a walk around the yard and for his hand in planting a tree.

But first, we had to make sure the location was gonna work.  Yuki did not seem to have any objections to where it was going to be.

Now that the weeping willow was in the ground, I got a chance to check out the blueberry bushes and see how the new mulch held up around them after all of the rain we had a few nights back.


I then got a little distracted with all of the blooms on the rose bush and how pretty it looked.  I am still slightly surprised with myself that so far everything I have been planting seems to be doing just fine.

The day being half way gone by this point, we loaded up the dog and headed to the store.  For us, it seems, a Sunday just isn’t a Sunday without a trip to the small town ‘mall’!

We had a late lunch, early dinner as is the usual for us on a Sunday.  And by this point in the day, my boy is convinced I am going crazy because of all of the pictures I have been taking!

And by this point in the day, I realize I have plenty more still to do to make up from having been busy with a yard sale the previous Friday.  I look at the mess of a kitchen and the mountain of laundry and decide to just go with the kitchen for now and save the laundry for another day.











The day is getting close to an end but there is enough time left to get on the computer and mess around with my blog while I start to resize pictures.

We make just one more trip out, this time to the family property to say hi to everyone out there and then home again to wind down and call it a night!

There it is, my Sunday in pictures.  I had a lot of fun with this post so I will probably do another one in the future, but I will try and have my camera ready at every moment on a day with maybe something more exciting than nothing much going on.

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