Last year was the start of something our family has really taken to, fishing.  I never would have thought that spending hours out on a boat, in the heat of the sun, casting and reeling in a line would be so much fun to me.  I have only a few memories of fishing as a child, well, one memory, and I don’t even think I fished in this memory.  But, up until recently, I have never really been interested in going fishing.  I think Tennessee is changing us in more ways than we would have ever thought!  Having two boys in the house probably should have clued me into the eventual life outdoors, but knowing my guy a few years back, I wouldn’t have been so sure that the ‘outdoors’ would be in our future.  I guess he just needed to get outside.  Either way, we are all enjoying this new found hobby.  And with so many lakes just down the road in any direction from us, it makes it very easy to get out and go fishing at any time!  And this time of the year is one of the best.